Hey! Hyderabad!! Best getaways near hyderabad in this rainy season
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  • Hey! Hyderabad!! Best getaways near hyderabad in this rainy season

    Hey! Hyderabad!! Best getaways near hyderabad in this rainy season

    July 12, 2022

    Some people choose to stay inside their homes in the rain, but others prefer to soak in the splendour of nature by swimming in waterfalls. In Hyderabad, many people of the millennial generation like going out with their pals in the rainy weather. But they are having trouble deciding where to take a step outside. Read this article to find where you can plan this weekend with your loved ones.

    Bogatha Falls

    Bogatha Falls is one of the natural wonders of Telangana. These waterfalls are often referred to as the Niagara of Telangana. These falls are located in Bogatha village, in Vajedu mandal of Mulugu district. The Bogatha falls are surrounded by pleasant greenery from every side. This waterfall gushes from a height of 30 feet. The monsoon season is the best time to experience the magic of this natural scenario.

    Directions to reach Bogatha Falls

    You can go either by road or rail from Hyderabad. The train facility is available till Kothagudem, from where all kinds of road transport facilities are available to Vajedu village. Bogatha falls are just a kilometer away from Vajedu village. These falls are approximately 440 kilometers away from Hyderabad. Although it’s quite a long distance, the beautiful soya farms and other greenery will not dissuade you.

    Kuntala Falls

    Kuntala Falls is the highest waterfall in Telangana and is located in NeradiGonda Mandal of Adilabad District. These divine wonders fall from the Sahyadri mountain range at a height of 45 meters with soothing sounds. 

    Directions to reach Kuntala Falls

    Kuntala Falls are 60 kilometers away from Adilabad. The Kuntala falls are only 12 kilometers away from this hamlet if you travel by car. not a choice to reach this destination, but if you travel with a rental car, you’ll get an unforgettable experience. One can also visit Pochera waterfall, which is very near to Kuntala falls.

    Ananthagiri Hills 

    The Ananthagiri Hills are the closest destination to Hyderabad. They are known for their pleasant valleys and beautiful greenery. The twin reservoirs of Hyderabad, Himayat Sagar and Usman Sagar, trickle down from these hills. It is a wonderful place for a vacation in the winter, but one can enjoy the beauty of nature even in the rainy season. Perfect for those who love trekking and sightseeing.

    Directions to reach Ananthagiri Hills:

    You can go from Hyderabad to Vikarabad by bus, car, or bike. The distance is less than 70 km, so it can be fun going back and forth.

    Sirnapalli Falls

    Sirnapalli Falls, or Janakibai Falls, is a dam. It is situated in Sirnapalli village in Dharpalli mandal of Nizamabad district. This heavily built dam stands at a height of 40 meters, which gives us the waterfall experience. This dam is also known as Indoru Falls. This project is built in the forests of Nizamabad. This is the best spot to experience the pleasantness of nature away from the concrete jungles.

    Directions to reach Sirnapalli Falls

    It is on the way from Hyderabad to Nizamabad. You can go on the highway till Ditch Pally, but from there you have to travel on the Gatukula road. It is better to have your own vehicle. It is about 180 km away from Hyderabad.

    Pocharam Project, Sanctuary

    Pocharam is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy both greenery and waterfalls. We can chill and relax in the waters of this mega project. We can also wander around the nearby Pocharam Sanctuary and view the beauty of nature. The songs of cuckoos and the dances of peacocks can pass the time without realising it in the hare’s lap. If you want to go with your family, there is no better tourist destination than this.

    Directions to reach the Pocharam Project

    It is on the way to Banswada and Bodhan from Hyderabad. We can go via Narsapur or Chegunta. It is 15 km away after crossing Medak. You can go either by bus or by private vehicle. 

    The Top-5 places are known; now plan and travel. But be careful! At places like Kuntala, Pocharam, and Bogata, one should be careful on the rocks. Do not attempt to swim anywhere. Be careful if you bring children along. It is better not to try alcohol at waterfalls. If you pack carefully, such as a charger, phone, raincoat, and food, the excursion will go smoothly. 

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