Kalki 2898 AD Story: Full Story of ‘Kalki’ Leaked on Social Media?.
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  • Kalki 2898 AD Story: Full Story of ‘Kalki’ Leaked on Social Media?.

    Kalki 2898 AD Story: Full Story of ‘Kalki’ Leaked on Social Media?.

    June 24, 2024

    Currently, the excitement for ‘Kalki’ is sweeping across the nation. Directed by Nag Ashwin and starring Prabhas, ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ is set for a global release this Thursday, June 27. Advance ticket bookings have opened, and tickets sold out within minutes. Initially, there was strong speculation that Prabhas would play the avatar of Lord Vishnu known as ‘Kalki’. However, fans were disappointed to learn from the first trailer that Prabhas is not portraying ‘Kalki’. Despite this, the latest buzz suggests that the movie contains jaw-dropping twists that will thrill Prabhas’ fans. Additionally, a story claimed to be the full plot of ‘Kalki’ is currently going viral online.

    Experiments on Women!

    Director Nag Ashwin has revealed through a special video that ‘Kalki 2898 AD‘ features three distinct worlds: Kashi, Shambala, and Complex. According to recent updates, Ashwatthama (Amitabh Bachchan) resides in Shambala, while the antagonist Kali (Kamal Haasan) is in Complex. For significant changes to occur in the lives of the people in Kashi and Shambala, Kalki’s arrival is essential. However, unable to wait for Kalki’s birth, Kali begins conducting experiments on women in his laboratory, aiming to harness Kalki’s powers. Amidst this, a woman (Deepika Padukone) manages to escape and finds refuge in Shambala. Realizing that she is destined to give birth to Kalki, Ashwatthama commits to protecting her, as per online buzz.

    Ashwatthama vs. Bhairava

    Meanwhile, Bhairava (Prabhas) in Kashi is determined to reach the heavenly realm of Complex but requires the currency (money) of the complex. Representatives from Complex have offered a substantial reward in money to anyone who captures the escaped woman. Bhairava decides to capture the woman, intending to exchange her for millions and settle in Complex. During this pursuit, he engages in a battle with Ashwatthama, who is protecting the woman. The confrontation reveals Bhairava’s formidable capabilities to Ashwatthama, which comes as a surprise, according to the widely circulated story.

    Prabhas as Kalki!

    While Bhairava and Ashwatthama are engaged in a fierce battle, Deepika, who is pregnant with Kalki, is injured, endangering the unborn child, according to recent rumors. During his conflict with Ashwatthama, Bhairava discovers the injustices perpetrated by Kali and undergoes a significant transformation. As a result, Ashwatthama transfers Kalki’s powers to Bhairava. This event concludes the first part of the story, and the sequel is rumored to focus on ‘Kali vs. Kalki’. Prabhas’ fans are thrilled by these developments, suggesting that the film will be a blockbuster if the story unfolds as rumored.

    Logical Miss..!

    The viral story of ‘Kalki’ is compelling but lacks logical coherence. The idea that Kalki, still unborn in Deepika Padukone’s womb, dies before birth is illogical. Kalki is recognized as the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu, and depicting this character as dying in the womb contradicts traditional mythologies. Industry insiders also believe that director Nag Ashwin would not likely deviate so dramatically from these mythologies. The identity of the actor portraying Kalki will remain unclear until June 27.

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