Miral Movie Review: Bharath’s Tamil Horror Thriller Now in Telugu
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  • Miral Movie Review: Bharath’s Tamil Horror Thriller Now in Telugu

    Miral Movie Review: Bharath’s Tamil Horror Thriller Now in Telugu

    May 17, 2024

    Cast: Bharath, Vani Bhojan, K.S. Ravikumar, Meera Krishnan, Rajkumar, Kavya Arivumani, among others

    Director: M. Sakthivel

    Music Director: Prasad S.N

    Cinematographer: Suresh Bala

    Editor: Kalaivanan R.

    Producer: C.H. Satish Kumar

    Release Date: May 17, 2024

    The movie ‘Miral,’ featuring the popular actor Bharath, was originally released in Tamil two years ago and garnered positive reviews. It has now been dubbed into Telugu and released in theaters. Directed by M. Sakthivel, this horror thriller was presented to the audience on May 17. In this review, we’ll explore whether the film succeeded in engaging the Telugu audience.


    Hari (Bharath) and Rama (Vani Bhojan) are a happily married couple living with their son. One day, Rama experiences a disturbing dream, leading her mother to suggest they perform a ritual at the village deity’s temple. Following the rituals, Hari, who has just received approval for his dream project, embarks on a midnight journey with his family. Due to a road diversion, they inadvertently take an alternate route known to the villagers. Local belief holds that spirits haunt this road, deterring travel at night. What challenges does Hari’s family encounter on this eerie path? Do they make it through safely? Are there truly supernatural forces at play on this road?


    Bharath shines in his portrayal of Hari, delivering an outstanding performance. Alongside Bharath, actress Vani Bhojan significantly contributes to the film’s success with her equally compelling performance. Their expressive acting enhances the dramatic scenes beautifully. K.S. Ravikumar and Rajkumar play key roles that add appeal to the movie. The remaining cast members perform adequately in their respective roles.


    Director M. Sakthivel frames this movie as a horror thriller centered on a family’s terrifying experience. He skillfully keeps the suspense high from the start until just before the climax. While the plot may be somewhat predictable, the screenplay is effectively delivered. However, the climax could let down those expecting a dramatic twist, as it resolves the tension rather abruptly. A more thoughtfully crafted climax could have improved the overall impact of the film. Additionally, certain scenes are drawn out and suffer from a slow pace.


    On the technical side, the cinematography provides impressive visuals. The background music is a significant highlight, successfully instilling a sense of fear in many scenes. The editing is competent, and the production values are high, suiting the film’s needs well.

    Plus Points

    – Acting by Bharath and Vani Bhojan

    – Engaging narrative

    – Effective background music

    Minus Points

    – Lack of originality in the story

    – Weak climax

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 2.5/5

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