Raju Yadav Review: Getup Srinu Captivates with His Best Acting Performance 
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  • Raju Yadav Review: Getup Srinu Captivates with His Best Acting Performance 

    Raju Yadav Review: Getup Srinu Captivates with His Best Acting Performance 

    May 24, 2024

    Cast: Getup Srinu, Ankita Kharat, Hemanth, Anand Chakrapani, Namani Prashanth, and others.

    Director: Krishnamachary K.

    Cinematographer: Sairam Uday

    Music: Suresh Bobbili, Harshavardhan Rameshwar

    Editing: Bonthala Nageswara Reddy

    Producers: Prashanth Reddy, Rajesh Kallepalli, Swati Pasupuleti

    Getup Srinu, well-known from the comedy show “Jabardasth,” stars as the lead hero in the latest film “Raju Yadav.” Ankita Kharat plays the female lead, with Krishnamachary K. as the director. The film, which has already released its trailer and teaser, has captured the audience’s attention and raised expectations due to Getup Srinu’s performance. Produced by Prashanth Reddy and Rajesh Kallepalli, the film was released to the public today, May 24. How is the movie? Let’s find out.


    This movie is inspired by a true story. Raju Yadav, portrayed by Getup Srinu, is a cheerful young man from a village. One day, while playing cricket, he had an accident. After consulting a doctor who fails to treat him adequately, Raju develops a condition known as “smiling disorder.” This disorder causes him to smile and laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate moments. His condition becomes a major challenge when he falls in love with Sweety, played by Ankita. The film explores Raju’s actions to cope with his condition, its impact on his romantic life, and whether he and Sweety can find happiness together.


    Comedian Getup Srinu has delivered a remarkable performance as Raju Yadav. He fully immerses himself in the role, elevating his status as an actor. His comedic timing is impeccable as always. In emotional scenes, he proves that he can act exceptionally well. Ankita Kharat is adequate as the love interest, impressing in certain scenes. Anand Chakrapani, playing the father, delivers a fine performance, especially in the emotional scenes between father and son. The other actors are passable in their roles.


    Director Krishnamachary has developed this film around a distinctive concept, effectively balancing humor with emotional depth. He cleverly derives comedy from a smiling disorder, while also integrating poignant emotional scenes that resonate with the audience. The father-son interactions, especially between Getup Srinu and Anand Chakrapani, are particularly moving. Despite these strengths, the screenplay occasionally stumbles, with some scenes coming across as overly prolonged.


    On the technical side, the cinematography is good. The songs are forgettable, but the background music captures attention, enhancing the emotional scenes. The editing could have been tighter to avoid some sluggish moments. The production values are appropriately high.

    Plus Points

    – Getup Srinu’s acting

    – Comedy

    – Background music

    Minus Points

    – Some dragged scenes

    – Editing

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 2.5/5

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