Sharathulu Varthisthai OTT: Another Feel-Good Middle-Class Film Hits OTT
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  • Sharathulu Varthisthai OTT: Another Feel-Good Middle-Class Film Hits OTT

    Sharathulu Varthisthai OTT: Another Feel-Good Middle-Class Film Hits OTT

    May 15, 2024

    The film ‘Sharathulu Varthisthai‘, set against a middle-class backdrop, is now ready to create buzz on OTT platforms, two months after its theatrical release. In this film, Chaitanya Rao and Bhoomi Shetty, known for their roles in the ’30 Weds 21′ YouTube series, are the lead actors. They are joined by Venky Monkey, Santosh Yadav, Devaraj, and others.

    Chaitanya Rao, known for his role in the ’30 Weds 21′ series, has been actively involved in the Tollywood film industry. He delivered a notable performance in ‘Keedaa Cola‘, directed by Tharun Bhascker, and has once again captured the audience’s attention with ‘Sharathulu Varthisthai’. This film, released globally on March 15, was directed by Kumaraswamy. Arun Chiluveru composed the music, while Nagarjuna Samula produced the film under the Starlights banner.

    The film received average reviews in theaters. It will be interesting to see how it is received on OTT platforms.

    OTT Release Date:

    ‘Aha secured Sharathulu Varthisthai’ streaming rights and will start streaming on May 14.

    Film Story:

    The movie centers on Chiranjeevi and Vijaya, a middle-class couple whose existence is disrupted by a pyramid scheme scam. The narrative develops as Chiranjeevi uncovers the fraud and delves into the fake company’s operations. What measures does he take after realizing his funds are gone? How does this scam relate to corporation elections? The film delves into these questions.

    In the film, Chaitanya Rao delivers a compelling portrayal of a middle-class man, and his character, Chiranjeevi, resonates strongly with middle-class audiences through various impactful dialogues. Bhoomi Shetty lands a significant role and stands out with her authentic performance, especially in crucial scenes during the first half of the movie. The plot primarily criticizes multi-level marketing schemes and their exploitation of the aspirations of the middle class by turning their dreams into investments. Although the film’s aim is praiseworthy, the narrative could have been more robust, and the pacing of the screenplay occasionally drags. Emotional scenes occasionally fail to engage fully, with the first half being captivating while the second half may seem somewhat dragging. From a technical standpoint, the production values are commendable, ensuring each frame is visually rich.

    Is the Film Worth Watching?

    Overall, ‘Sharathulu Varthisthai’ can be considered a film worth watching at least once. Despite some confusion in the second half, the point it makes about financial scams is compelling.

    Another Film Directly on Aha:

    Additionally, ‘Vidya Vasula Aham’ is set to release directly on Aha on May 17. This film, which features a newly married couple struggling with ego clashes to gain the upper hand, stars Shivani Rajashekar and Rahul Vijay in the lead roles.

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