Shikaaru OTT: Navigating Marriage to a Policeman While Romancing a Lover
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  • Shikaaru OTT: Navigating Marriage to a Policeman While Romancing a Lover

    Shikaaru OTT: Navigating Marriage to a Policeman While Romancing a Lover

    April 12, 2024

    OTT platforms have a separate fan base for bold content films and romantic comedy dramas. These genres are something some audience never misses. However, in the vast ocean of OTT, there are hundreds of films and series, with the number of movies increasing every week. In this genre a new OTT film Shikaaru is trending.

    Which Film Is It?

    The film ‘Shikaaru‘ features Sai Dhanshika, Tej Kurapati, Abhinav Medishetti, and Dheeraj Aathreya in lead roles. Dhanshika, known for her role as Rajinikanth‘s daughter in ‘Kabali’, plays the lead in this movie. Released on July 1, 2022, the film initially received a flop talk in theaters but was soon released on the streaming platform Aha. Although it did not become a box office hit, the film is receiving positive responses on OTT.

    What is ‘Shikaaru’ About?

    Deepika (Sai Dhanshika) is a married woman whose husband Narasimha (Kannada Kishore), a police officer, does not satisfy her emotionally and is quite rude. While secretly preparing for exams, Deepika meets a young man named Bobby (Abhinav). Later, for work, Bobby comes to the city with friends and visits Deepika. She invites him over when her husband is not at home. However, shortly after his arrival, her husband unexpectedly returns from duty. What is Bobby’s situation being trapped inside the police officer’s home? How do his three friends try to help him get out of the house? That forms the rest of the story.

    Director Hari Kolagani has crafted this film based on events occurring in society. He attempted to show the difficulties that young men face when they get involved with married women. At the same time, he also portrays how a married woman’s heart might stray if she finds no happiness or joy in her life. Despite the heroine Deepika not having any intention to err, circumstances force her to take certain actions. The daily torment from her husband and the lack of happiness in her marriage lead to new thoughts in her mind. Director Hari has focused more on adult content, incorporating many elements that attract youth. However, uninteresting narration and boring scenes have turned out to be negatives for the film. Rating: 2.5/5

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