Tillu Cube: Samantha and Tamannaah in Tillu Cube?
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  • Tillu Cube: Samantha and Tamannaah in Tillu Cube?

    Tillu Cube: Samantha and Tamannaah in Tillu Cube?

    April 12, 2024

    Young hero Siddu Jonnalagadda has garnered a significant youth following with his films ‘DJ Tillu‘ and ‘Tillu Square‘, achieving stardom quite suddenly. The latest film ‘Tillu Square’ has grossed over 100 crores, surprising everyone. Consequently, the makers have already announced a sequel titled ‘Tillu Cube’. Given the crucial roles played by the heroines (Neha Shetty, Anupama Parameswaran) in the previous two films, there’s already keen interest about who will star in ‘Part 3’. According to recent buzz, there is a possibility that two star heroines will be cast in the film.

    Who are these star heroines?

    Following the blockbuster success of ‘Tillu Square’, producer Surya Devara Naga vansi is planning to make ‘Tillu Cube’ even more impressive. The film unit is considering what it would be like to have a star heroine play a key role. Additionally, it is rumored that Samantha and Tamannaah Bhatia are being considered for this film. An official announcement is expected before the commencement of shooting. On another note, the producer is also looking to elevate this film to a higher budget level.

    The entire movie takes place abroad!

    Neha Shetty, who dazzled in ‘DJ Tillu’, also appeared in ‘Tillu Square’, significantly adding to the film’s appeal. Impressed by this formula, the makers are planning to repeat it in ‘Tillu Cube’. It is reported that along with Neha Shetty, Anupama Parameswaran from the sequel will also feature prominently. However, there will be a star actress as the main heroine this time. Moreover, the story of ‘Part-3’ will unfold entirely abroad. Currently, Siddu is involved in a film called ‘Jack’ directed by ‘BommarilluBhaskar. After completing this film, he is expected to start shooting for ‘Tillu Cube’ early next year. Producer Naga Vansi is said to have given complete freedom to Siddu regarding this project.

    The story of ‘Tillu Cube’ remains the same!

    Like ‘DJ Tillu’ and ‘Tillu Square’, the story for ‘Tillu Cube’ follows a similar theme. The first part revolves around a girl who deceives the protagonist, and ‘Tillu Square’ adds elements like a mafia don mission. This time, ‘Tillu Cube’ is set to take it to another level. What would Tillu do if he had superpowers? How would he behave? What would it be like if Tillu became a superhero, capable of flying? These are the points around which the story is based, as disclosed by the lead actor Siddu himself. He has confirmed that work on the script will start soon.

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