Top Whistle-Worthy Intro Scenes in Telugu Movies
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  • Top Whistle-Worthy Intro Scenes in Telugu Movies

    Top Whistle-Worthy Intro Scenes in Telugu Movies

    February 26, 2024

    In films, the entrance of the hero frequently establishes the mood and anticipates what the audience can expect. Particularly for leading actors, a grand introductory scene is crucial; lacking this, fans might express significant dissatisfaction. It’s challenging to envision a Telugu film without a distinctive entrance for the protagonist. Filmmakers invest considerable effort in crafting these introductory moments, aiming to satisfy fan expectations and align with the protagonist’s persona. Even if the rest of the film falls short, fans often remain lenient, provided the hero’s introduction is impressive. Let’s explore some of the most memorable hero entrance scenes in Telugu cinema to date.

    Mahesh Babu in Athadu

    “ఎవరని ఎదురే నిలిస్తే తెలిసే బదులతడే

    పెను తుఫాను తలొంచి చూసే

    తొలి నిప్పు కణం అతడే

    పెను తుఫాను తలొంచి చూసే

    తొలి నిప్పు కణం అతడే… అతడే..

    Mahesh Babu’s powerful entry remains evergreen with the title song. The background music (BGM) for his entry scene in Athadu is superb, with Mani Sharma’s score being one of the best intro BGMs.

    Pawan Kalyan in Attarintiki Daredi

    “బుల్లెట్ ఆరు అంగుళాలే ఉంటుంది కానీ మనిషిని చంపుతుంది. అదే బుల్లెట్ ఆరు అడుగులు ఉంటే ఎలా ఉంటాడో అలా ఉంటాడు నా మనవడు గౌతం నందా”

    “A bullet is six inches long and can kill a man. Imagine a bullet six feet tall; that’s my grandson, Gautham Nanda,” says Pawan Kalyan’s grandfather, elevating the Power Star’s image and giving fans goosebumps. The ensuing BGM draws cheers and roars from the audience, electrifying theaters.

    Prabhas in Baahubali 2

    The introduction scene in Baahubali 2 is unparalleled. As Rajamata Sivagami Devi carries the eternal flame for the kingdom’s prosperity, Prabhas saving her from a wild elephant is truly a goosebump-inducing moment. This scene, showcasing Baahubali’s strength and courage, is among the best hero introduction scenes in Telugu cinema.

    Nani in Dasara

    Every scene elevating Nani’s heroism in Dasara is spectacular. Particularly, the scene where he commits coal theft on a running train has fans erupting in cheers.

    Balakrishna in Legend

    Nandamuri Balakrishna’s heroism is elevated like no other in his introduction scenes. Especially in Legend, the chase sequences with villains, his signature dialogues, and powerful dialogues fitting the intro truly make it a feast for the fans’ eyes.

    Ram Charan in Chirutha

    Hero Ram Charan received a powerful intro in his debut movie Chirutha. The scene where Charan avenges the insults hurled at him by fellow prisoners, without revealing his face, has Mega fans going wild.

    Jr. NTR in RRR

    The scene where Rajeev Kanakala tells the British about Komuram Bheem’s character is arguably the best intro scene in Jr. NTR’s films. The scene where Tarak fights with a tiger is simply stunning.

    Pawan Kalyan in Panjaa

    The introduction scene of Pawan Kalyan in Panjaa also sends shivers down the spine of fans. As villains shoot at Pawan’s car, trying to kill him, they approach thinking he’s dead. Then, with a loud explosion sound and powerful BGM, Pawan’s entry scene is just superb.

    Mahesh Babu in Pokiri

    “మేము కాదు పండుగాడు.. రేపు పొద్దున ఇందిరా నగర్‌లో పరుగెత్తించి, పరుగెత్తించి కొడుతాడు” 

    Mahesh Babu’s introduction scene in Pokiri greatly entertained the audience. “We are not Pandugadu… Tomorrow morning, he will make a run in Indira Nagar,” says the hero’s friends, elevating him. Mahesh’s stunning running style in the intro is absolutely superb.

    Allu Arjun in Arya

    The scene where Bunny rescues a puppy fallen into a manhole… it’s heartfelt. Such an intro scene has never been given to any hero before. Director Sukumar put a full stop to the conventional intro trend with his style of taking in this film.

    Simhadri – Jr. NTR

    As Simhadri goes to fulfill a vow to the deity Appanna, a monkey steals the idol and hands it to the villains. Cut to Jr. NTR’s intro, which is simply stunning.

    Stalin – Chiranjeevi

    Among the intros of movies starring Megastar Chiranjeevi, Stalin’s intro is one of the best. The scene where Chiru sets the kidnappers straight gives fans goosebumps.

    Ram Charan in Magadheera

    The high-end extreme bike feat performed by Ram Charan in this film can be counted as one of the best hero entry scenes in Tollywood.

    Prabhas in Billa

    Prabhas received a Hollywood-range elevation in this movie. The BGM score fitting his cutout is superb. Especially, the hero entry scene with Mani Sharma’s BGM elevates Prabhas’s attitude perfectly.

    Gharshana – Venkatesh

    “నా పేరు రామచంద్ర, ఐపీఎస్, నా డ్రెస్ మీద ఉన్న మూడు సింహాలే నా జీవితం, నా తపస్సు” 

    Director Gautham Menon showcased Venkatesh’s intro in a variety of ways in this film. “My name is Ramachandra, IPS, the three lions on my dress represent my life, my penance,” he introduced Venkatesh with an elevation.

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