10 Best Telugu songs  of 2022

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2022 has been a great year for Telugu music.  In keeping with "Pushpa's" 2021 legacy, Tollywood has produced  a number of beautiful songs this year. 

We witnessed a number of hugely popular music albums this year, including Sita Ramam, RRR, Radhe Shyam, and many others.

Take a look at the best Telugu  songs of 2022.

1. Inthandam (from Sita Ramam)

SPB Charan crooned his magical voice to this classic love track from "Sita Ramam." Krishnakanth’s lyrics and Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music have made this magical track one of the best songs of the year.

2. Ee Rathale ( from Radhe Shyam )

Yuvan Shanker Raja’s soothing melody from "Radhe Shyam '' is a mega hit across all the languages. Although the film failed at the box office, the music is a big hit.

3. Kalavathi ( from SVP )

The Sid Sriram and Thaman duo have delivered a solid smash hit this year with ‘Kalavathi’ from Mahesh Babu’s ‘Sarkaru Vari Paata.’ This song is the biggest summer hit of 2022.

4. Tillu Anna DJ Pedithe  ( from DJ Tillu )

Ram Miryala's desi voice, supported by telangana-rooted lyrics, has made the megahit "Tillu Anna DJ Pedithe" possible. This song was a sensation among the youth back in the first half of 2022.

5. Komaram Bheemudu ( from RRR )

The emotional song from RRR can bring tears to your eyes. The hard-hitting lyrics and breathtaking performances from the actors have made this song the most-viewed song of the year.

6. Krishna Trance  ( from Karthikeya -2 )

Musician Kala Bhairava made a big statement with his extremely popular album "Karthikeya 2."  Krishna Trance, a song from the movie, will send you into a deep relaxation thanks to its magnificent musical composition.

7. Kukumumala ( from Brahmastra )

Kukumumala, the Telugu version of "Kesaria," has successfully reprised its magic in Telugu. The soul-soothing melody was sung by Sid Sriram in Telugu.

8. Oh Sita ( from Sita Ramam )

A soul-soothing love letter from SPB Charan and the Sita Ramam team. This single has made everyone go gaga over this timeless tale of love.

9. Natu Natu ( from RRR )

The rhythms of Keeravani's "Natu Natu" got the entire country moving to its heart-pounding tempos. On this tune, NTR and Ram Charan's unique moves have become an international sensation.

10. Baguntundi Nuvvu  ( from Atithi Devo Bhava )

Another crowd pleaser from the crooner Sid Sriram. Though the film was not a major hit, this song alone has brought immense popularity to the film. The track is one of the best love anthems of 2022.

11. Gundellona  ( from Ori Devuda)

The romantic-dance track from Ori Devuda ignited the last months of 2022. Star musician Anirudh has lent his voice for this lovely track. This song is quite famous on social media and in reels.

12. Bullet ( from The Warriorr)

Tamil star Simbu has sung an energetic, leg-shaking single for Ram’s film. STR’s captivating voice and Ram’s exhilarating dance moves have made this a celebration track for 2022.

Honorouble Mentions

Kannuna Kalyanam (from Sita Ramam)

Neetho Unte Chalu  (from Bimbisara)

Honorouble Mentions

Na Madi (from Thiru)

Megham Karigena (from Thiru)

Honorouble Mentions

Coka ( from Liger)

Whistle ( from The Warrior)

Honorouble Mentions

Ra Ra reddy (from Macherla Niyojakavargam)

Naa Kosam Marava Nuvvu (from Bangarraju)