5 Doppelganger movies  in Telugu like Amigos

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In promotions  of  Nandamuri Kalyanram film Amigos, the word "doppelgänger"  is extensively used. What exactly is a doppelganger? Let's have a look at the Telugu films which had "doppelgänger" in them.

People who share the same looks, regardless of blood ties, are said to be "doppelgängers."

What is a doppelganger?

Typically in the plots of the films that have a doppelgänger theme we see  a regular pattern .

In doppelgängers themed movies one character's task will be completed by the other doppelganger or if one character is killed, another character completes the task.

This is Chiranjeevi's reentry film after politics. In this, Chiranjeevi acted as a doppelganger in two roles of ‘Katthi Seenu’ and Shankar.

Doppelganger Movies

Khaidi 150

These two characters do not have any biological relationship. This movie with Doppelganger theme had a good success at the box office.

Ravi Teja's first doppelganger movie. Ravi Teja played a dual role in this. In one role, Atthili Satthibabu, a petty thief, and Vikram Singh Rathore,  a powerful police officer in the other.


There is no blood relation between both the roles. This movie showed Ravi Teja acting histrionics which was admired by the public. This film was directed by  S.S. Rajamouli.

Nayak is a movie starring Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Aggarwal and Amala Pal in lead roles.Ram Charan  entertained and did justice to both the roles.


Cherry as the fun guy and another as Siddharth Naik who makes Calcutta rowdies life tough.

There is no relationship between the two. But both work together for the same goal.

This is Prabhas's first Doppelganger film. Prabhas acted as Ranga, a small-time thief, and another role as a mafia don. These two characters are not related to each other, but later Ranga replaces the dead Billa for the police mission..


Gopichand entertains two characters as a doppelganger in this movie. One as Gautham who is one of the world's top billionaires and another as Nandu, who is trying to become rich while experiencing poverty.

Gautam Nanda

In the film later both of them swap their places and realize the meaning of their lives.

Amigos is a new venture by a new director named Rajendra Reddy starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram who scored  a blockbuster hit with Bimbisara.


Kalyan Ram is playing three different roles in the film. There is no biological relationship between these three characters.

Kalyan Ram plays three characters, one of Siddharth as a businessman, Michael as a drug lord and Manjunath as  a software engineer.

And we have to wait and see how Kalyan Ram will entertain as a doppelgänger in this film.

The already released teaser and songs from this film have impressed the audience. The makers have recently released the trailer of this movie.

The director was careful not to reveal the story in the teaser , just giving small hints, which has piqued the interest of audiences.

But based on the teaser, the focus of the story of Amigos looks like how the three characters intertwine leading to confusion and comedy of errors.