5 Hard-Hitting telugu Movies That Will wake you up (Part 2)

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The movie 'Midhunam' is based on the concept of an after-retirement couple who stay in their secluded village house and whose kids stay far away chasing dollar dreams. The whole two hours of the movie were scripted so beautifully with subtle and sensible emotions and humour between just two characters.

Midhunam (2012) - Prime Video

It’s an art flick with a mix of entertainment that can strike a chord with the target audience it was meant to reach. SP Balu and Lakshmi have portrayed their roles so naturally and elegantly that one will instantly fall in love with the characters. The flawless direction, camera work, and minimal background scores keep you engrossed. Don’t miss this gem.

"Vedam," directed by Krish, is one of these movies that has a lot riding on every character. The four central protagonists in the film are: Vivek Chakravarthy, an aspiring musician who faces criticism from his own family for choosing music as a career, and Cable Raju, a man who lives in a poor neighbourhood but dreams of being a lavishly wealthy man.

Vedam (2010) - Aha Video

Saroja, a prostitute, is about to run away from the owner of the brothel. Poor weaver Nagayya, who lives with his widowed daughter-in-law, employs unorthodox methods to release his grandson from his landlord and financial obligations.

Each character will eventually get connected to another despite the fact that all the storylines take place at the same time. The film conveys a powerful message on a variety of issues, including thirst for money, passion, education, slavery, and corruption. Everyone who sees this movie will empathise with all of the characters with a sad heart.

Jersey is more than just another underdog sports tale; it is the tale of cricket player Arjun (Nani) and his battles to excel in his chosen field. The film also explores relationships, the challenges associated with becoming an elite sportsperson later in life and more broadly looks at second chances.

Jersey (2019) - Hotstar

At the ripe old age of 36, Arjun has a wife, a young son and bills to pay, which is what initially sparks his return to competition cricket. Once he gets back into the game though, his passion for cricket takes over, but there are numerous obstacles to his success.

The movie focuses more on Arjun's obsession with the game and how it impacts his relationships with others around him; it also reveals the importance and beauty of father-son ties. It is essentially a father and son story with cricket as a supporting character. In the end, "Jersey" is a gritty movie about second chances.

The story of the film is based on the life of Mallesham, a Padma Sri award winner who invented the weaving machine in an effort to minimise the hard work of women who belong to the weaving families. But a lot of obstacles and difficulties stand in his way.

Mallesham (2019)- Netflix

Mallesham makes it happen against all the odds and presents the new automatic weaving machine to his mother and all the women who are struggling hard in that handloom sector. The film becomes very serious at one point, despite beginning on a humorous note.

It depicts the struggle of a poor handloom weaver and the revolution that real-life Mallesham brought to the handloom sector. This film is one of the best inspirational movies on this list.

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