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Abdullapurmet Murder Do Movies and Web Series Encourage  Real-life Violence?

Movies and web series have become popular forms of entertainment. However, the question arises as to whether these movies, YouTube Videos, and web series are responsible for increasing criminal tendencies among people.

The answer to this question is  a resounding yes. The recent murder of a B.Tech student is evidence of this fact.

Two B.Tech students from Nalgonda, Naveen, and Harihara Krishna were involved in a shocking incident where they both loved the same girl and one of them resorted to murdering the other friend.

Murder for Girlfriend

Hari gradually grew resentful as Naveen became more intimate with the girl he loved. Naveen's well-planned murder was an attempt to remove the barrier between him and the girl.

Jealousy Turned Deadly

On February 17, Naveen asked Hari to come to Abdullahpurmet on the pretext of a party. In this process, Hari brutally murdered Naveen and threw his body in the hills.

The sketch

The police suspect that Hariharikrishna may have committed this crime after watching crime web series and YouTube videos.

Crime Web Series and YouTube Videos Influence?

Psychological thrillers, crime genre films, and web series are achieving immense success, with adult and crime-related content garnering high viewership on various over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

High Viewership

Harihari Krishna's gruesome behavior did not end with Naveen's murder. He went as far as cutting off Naveen's lips, hands, and other body private parts, even taking out his heart.

Cutting Body Parts

To make matters worse, he took pictures of the organs and sent them to Naveen's girlfriend. Such a disturbing act highlights the severity of the crime committed.

Envy and the desire to deprive others of what they have is a driving force behind many criminal incidents. This has been evident in cases like acid attacks, and recent times have seen a surge in such crimes.

A surge in such crimes

It is unfair to entirely blame movies for inspiring criminal behavior, but there are certain scenes and dialogues that can reinforce a criminal mindset. Some people pervert the saying in movies that "you can do anything for the one you love" and use it as a justification for their crimes.

How Cinema Reinforces Dangerous Ideas

The scope of cinema is vast, and although many movies are based on real-life events or fictional stories, there is a risk of inspiring those with  a criminal mindset.

The increasing trend of "who will catch us" is a cause for concern as it is encouraging people to commit crimes without considering the potential consequences.  It is important to educate people about the seriousness of the crime and to discourage this dangerous trend.

Who will catch us?

It is crucial for parents and guardians to educate children about the repercussions of their actions, no matter how small.

Teaching Children the Consequences of Wrongdoing

Failure to do so may create a misguided perception that wrongdoing is acceptable. Consistent correction and guidance are necessary to prevent such misunderstandings.

Recent crimes that have captured the nation's attention have been attributed, in part, to the influence of movies and web series. In some cases, investigations have revealed that the perpetrators were inspired by specific scenes or dialogue from these sources.

The Dark Side of Entertainment

This is a matter of concern that requires careful consideration and action. It is important to examine the impact of popular media on viewers, particularly young people, and to address any negative influence that may contribute to criminal behavior.

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