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Ajith Kumar's "Thegimpu" Movie Review

The Telugu-dubbed version of the Tamil star hero Ajith's latest movie ‘Thunivu,’ which is titled ‘Thegimpu,’ has cranked up the Sankranthi vibe.

Ajith is known for his flicks in Telugu-speaking regions. Our Telugu audience has either enjoyed Ajith's new movie or it was lacking. Let's check.

Dark Devil (Ajith) and Kanmani (Manju Warrier) are members of one of the two gangs that have plans to rob the bank. They discover there is already another group inside the bank as they prepare  to rob it


Who are the other gang's members? What inspired the "Dark Devil" to commit robbery? These ideas serve as the story's key themes moving forward.

The film opens with a primer on stock market frauds before introducing us to the world of heist gangs.

How is it?

We are given a lot of information about the bank robbers and their sinister secrets by director H. Vinoth. The first half is dominated by gang warfare and bank heist strategies.

In the second half, the flashback and the protagonist's motive are made clear. The movie exposes the shadowy practices of the banks and how they impact society as a whole. The commercial aspects of the film are crucial.

Ajith has once again given his fans  a treat with his accomplished acting abilities and stylish appearance. You'll be gripped by his superb portrayal of the "Dark Devil" in this movie. Additionally, Manju Warrier and Samuthrakani also did an outstanding job.


"Valimai" director H. Vinoth adapted the storyline to fit Ajith's persona. Along with all the commercial components, the filmmaker imparts a message that is truly eye-opening.


The heart-pounding action scenes performed really well. The highlights of this movie are the heist scenes and the chase fight towards the end. The screenplay, though, might have been better.

The cinematography is superb, and Ghibran's music has a significant impact on the film. The production values are very good.

Technical Aspects

Routine Screenplay Underwhelming Flashback


Ajith Action sequences Informative message in the plot


Rating: 2.75/5