Amigos Movie  Film Review

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Kalyan Ram favors experimenting with new concepts over traditional commercial films. Recently, he had  a commercial success with "Bimbisara," and now he has returned with the film "Amigos," which features the concept of doppelgangers.

The title, looks, teaser, and trailer of the film have all created high expectations among audiences. Let's examine if the film lives up to those expectations.

Starring    : Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath Written and Directed by  : Rajendra Reddy Producer  : Mythri Movie Makers Music          : Gibran Cinematography   : Soundararajan Editing      : Tammiraju

Film Crew

Siddharth, a Hyderabad-based businessman, is in love with Ishika, who is an RJ. He signs up on a website to find his doppelgangers, and through that, he meets Manjunath, a software engineer, and Michael, who is another one of his doppelgangers.


They become close friends during  a trip to Goa. With the help of his doppelgangers, Siddharth convinces Ishika to marry him. However, both Siddharth and Manjunath are shocked to uncover a dark truth about Michael.

What is the truth about Michael? Why did he approach them? The rest of the story revolves around the pursuit by NIA officials, as seen in the trailer.

A movie that introduces a new concept often generates excitement among audiences and leads them to the theater. However, in the case of this movie, the execution of the concept is lacking.

While the idea of doppelgangers is intriguing, the pace of the story is slow and the character introductions are lengthy. The love story between the hero and heroine feels unremarkable and predictable.

The first half of the film is quite flat with only a few standout scenes. But after the intermission, the movie picks up speed. Despite the intriguing concept, the overall execution of the film is not up  to par.

Kalyan Ram dominates much of the screen time in the film, and he delivers  a standout performance in all three of his roles. He particularly shines in the role with negative shade, although the character could have been developed more.


Ishika Ranganath makes a strong debut with a performance that showcases her abilities.

Brahmaji’s comedic timing is good, providing several moments of laughter. Jaya Prakash's acting is adequate for  his part.

First-time director Rajendra Reddy chooses a promising story but struggles to execute it effectively. More focus on the story could have improved the film.

Sharper editing could have made the film better. The cinematography by Soundarrajan is commendable and does its best to enhance the film.

Gibran, known for delivering exceptional background music, disappoints in this film. Certain moments could have been elevated with more thought given to the background score.

In terms of production value, the film's producers, Mythri Movie Makers, maintain their reputation for delivering high-quality productions. The film has all the necessary production elements it requires.

In Telugu cinema, new and innovative stories and concepts are not often seen, so it's worth giving this new concept  a chance this weekend. While it may not be exceptional, it's still a passable film.

Rating : 3