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Ashika Ranghanath On What It's Like acting in Amigos

Ashika Ranganath, a kannada beauty is starring as co-actress in Amigos paired opposite Kalyan Ram

This is her first telugu movie which has release date of 17 February 2023

Ashika shares some interesting facts about the film as part of her promotion. She said that she got a chance to perform well despite the short screen time in the film.

She stated that she understands telugu because of watching telugu movies and songs from childhood.

“Every girl dreams and decorates the imaginary life with her life-partner, I will be seen as the girl who rejects every boy for not matching the vibe” Ashika confirmed.

Ashika said in the movie Amigos, she is portraying a role of RadioJockey.

She said that she accepted the project because she likes the story of three people who are ‘Dopplegangers and my role as the heroine gets it due importance.

Ashika stated that she may not be seen in the whole movie but her performance will speak wherever she appears.