BCCI: Team India to undergo the Yo-Yo test

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The BCCI has taken some key decisions regarding the fitness checks of players. The board have decided to use Dexa Scan and Yo Yo Test to test the fitness of cricketers.

What is Dexa Scan and Yo Yo test? What is their procedure? Let’s learn it.

The Dexa test is a process that allows medical professionals to assess a player's level of fitness by looking at metrics including fat percentage, muscular strength, water percentage, and bone strength.

Dexa Test

Through this examination, the physicians may assess the athletes' body fat levels and determine how effective the training has been.

The body fat percentage of a cricket player should be under 10. It should be lowered if the number is between 10 and 12.

What should be the body fat percentage of cricketers?

Football players should have a fat percentage of between 5 - 8%. The body will gain more strength, power, speed, and agility if the percentage of body fat is low and the percentage of muscle strength is high.

The Dexa scan test may be used to evaluate the general fitness of cricket players. The daily routine, food, and training regimen are all configurable for any cricket player using this dexa scan.

Uses of Dexa Scan

The yo-yo test is also another technique used to gauge a player's level of fitness.

What is the Yo-Yo Test?

There are two targets (cones) set up at a 20-meter separation on either side. Between these two cones, players sprint. Prior to the buzzer, the other target must turn around.

Procedure for Yo Yo test

First Beep - The beep intervals will be long enough; afterwards, they will go shorter progressively.

Players must speed up their pace in accordance. The player will be immediately removed from the test if he is unable to keep up with the speed.

Points are tallied as this is all done by a computer programme. On the basis of such criteria, players are deemed fit or unfit.

This year, the ODI World Cup will take place on home soil. India will do all in its power to win the championship, but injuries are now a major concern.

Why now?

To preserve their spot on the team, several players conceal their ailments. The BCCI launched these new tests in order to effectively identify unfit players.

For the 2023 World Cup, the BCCI has selected 20 players. A tight fitness regimen tries to minimize player injuries and their negative effects on games.

BCCI is planning to strengthen the squad’s fitness at any cost.