Best Performances of Telugu Cinema for the year 2022

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The movie has a potential to become a blockbuster when the audience is captivated by the narrative and the characters engage them by appealing to their emotions.

Each character must be expertly grasped and presented in order to succeed. This is the reason why some performances and movies have attained "immortal" fame despite having been released many years ago.

2022 also saw some epic films and outstanding performances. Let’s take a look at the best performances in Telugu cinema this year.

2022 is unfinished without discussing Rajamouli's ‘Masterpiece’ ‘RRR.’ NTR and Ram Charan’s performances have elevated to international fame.


From the film's opening combat scene, in which Ram faces off against 2000 men, through the last fight, the fire in Ram's eyes is unwavering. Charan's depiction of emotions in this movie must be lauded.

On the other side, NTR's spectacular portrayal of a tribal rebel have deceived the audience. He captures the fury of a tribal guy who fiercely battles for the self-respect and representation of his community.

People have been moved to tears by this man's passion in heartbreaking scenes like the song "Komuram Bheemudo."

Adi is one kind of actor who is always chasing the challenging characters. He appeared as a lover boy in ‘Good Luck Sakhi’ and as a ruthless antagonist in Ram's 'The Warriorr.’

Guru aka Adi Pinisetty

"DJ Tillu" by Sidhu Jonnalagadda is quite popular. Both viewers and reviewers have complimented his depiction of the tutorial character; his style, swagger, and charm had the audience glued to their chairs.

DJ Tillu mania

The fact that the onliners he used in the movie are still popular among young people demonstrates the impact of his performance.

Kalayn Ram gave his career-best performance as the undisputed king, "Bimbisara." His authentic acting and impressive dialogue delivery have elevated the film to the next level. "Bimbisara" will remain a milestone in Kalyan Ram’s career.

‘Jagat Jajjarika’ Bimbisara

Adivi Sesh lived in the role of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who sacrificed his life while fighting during the 26/11 Mumbai attack. The audience can’t even think of another actor playing this role; that’s how big Sesh’s impact was.


In the film "Oke Oka Jeevitham," Sharwanand delivered a performance that defied all expectations. He engages the audience in the movie and takes them on his journey by retaining steady emotions throughout.


A man from nowhere, Satya Dev has become a fan favourite thanks to films like "BluffMaster." This year, the actor furthered his masterclass in acting with compelling appearances in "Godfather," "Godse," and "Ram Setu."

Godsey, Satya Dev

In "Godfather," his encounter with Chiranjeevi is so compelling that we find it difficult to blink during the scene. He has been dubbed Tollywood's next star, according to some people.

In "Karthikeya II," the acclaimed actor Anupam Kher had a very significant cameo part. His performance has a massive impact on the film despite having a relatively little on-screen presence. It's interesting that he played  a blind character in this movie.

Dhanvanthari Ved Pathak

Vennela Kishore has given numerous great performances this year but his performance as Guru in the movie ‘Macherla Niyojakavargam’ stands out from the rest.

Guru, Ego Ka Baap

He creates rib tickling humor as an egoistic man which is widely enjoyed by the public. His role in 'Oke Oka Jeevitham’ is also well connected to the masses.

National Awardee Priyamani, played the role of a young woman who’s curious to learn what’s happening in the neighbourhood. However, her curiosity draws her into big trouble. With her stunning acting prowess she did complete justice to her role.


The character Sita, portrayed by Mrunal Thakur in the film "Sita Rama," will live for a long time in Telugu cinema. She is known to a large audience as Sita rather than Mrunal Thakur; that’s how her performance impacted the viewers.

Oo Sita!!

Saipallvi portrayed a young lady who is inspired by a communist leader's writings and longs to see him, but her quest is tragically derailed by fate. With her passion, rebellious spirit, heartbreaking emotions, and enigmatic energy,


the actress gave her everything to this performance, making it one of the best female-centric roles of the year. Sai Pallavi also gave another tremendous performance in the tutorial role of the film ‘Gargi.’

Aishwarya Lekshmi gained a good reputation among the Telugu audience for her performance in the movie ‘Ammu.’ The powerlessness of housewives in the face of marital abuse was expertly conveyed by Aishwarya. Every woman is motivated by her performance.


There is thunderous acclaim for Priya Vadlamani's outstanding portrayal of Mahathi. The best part of this movie is the distrust that her character harbours.

Mahathi from Mukhachitram

Samantha’s standalone performance as  a surrogate mother who fights back when she discovers some of the dark secrets of the surrogacy center will hook you to your seats.


The public has praised Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil's performances in Lokesh Kanagaraj's "Vikram" equally to Kamal's.

Same level of Kamal Haasan

In "Vikram," Sethupathi played a ruthless drug dealer. He stole the show with his humorous dialogues and method acting. The film's best scene is when he crawls out of an auto while holding his hands behind his back.

Vijay Sethupathi

The character Anget Tina surprises everyone in the movie Vikram. She is crucial in keeping Vikram's son safe. Vasanthi's heart-pounding action scenes deserve praise.

Agent Tina

Suriya's cameo role from the movie ‘Vikram’ is just an icing on the cake. His screen presence and swagger enhanced the movie to the next level. No actor could have done a better job than Suriya for this role.


The final 20 minutes of the film "Kantara" showcase Rishabh Shetty's performance, which is simply outstanding. Without a doubt, the actor will take home several prizes for his mighty performance.


Some child actors, in addition to the heroes and villains, have wowed the audience with their performances.

Twinkle Sharma, aka Malli in "RRR," is an unsung star of the film. She depicts the heartwarming human emotions while she’s taken away from her family and when she meets Bheem in the King's palace. Twinkle made a big impact with a small role.

RRR 'Malli'

The character Shambavi in the movie "Bimbisara" is one of the key characters in the movie. Child actor Sridevi played this role flawlessly and received wide appreciation from the audience and critics. She depicted the innocence of a child effortlessly in the movie.

Bimbisara Shambhavi

In this film, Raghupathi, Raghava, and Rajaram were portrayed by Harsha, Roshan, and Bhanu Prakashan. They astonished the audience with their breathtaking performances, which generated a lot of media attention.

Mission Impossible