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Virat has 71 centuries till now in his career. Let’s wait and watch

Can virat kohli break sachin tendulkar record?

What is the height of Virat Kohli?

1.75 m

34 years old

How old is Virat Kohli?

214 crores as per Forbes estimate

What is the net worth of Virat Kohli?

Virat’s wife Anushka. He has a daughter and siblings, brother and sister.

Virat Kohli's family?

No, it’s a rumor, Kohli doesn't have a Private jet

Does virat kohli own a private jet?

One he said that he tried black water but doesn't drink it regularly. As a certified fitness freak he consumes alkaline water at home.

Does Virat Kohli drink black water?

Virat got a tattoo of Lord Shiva on his shoulder as he is a follower of the god.

Forearm tattoo

Kohli consumed meat until 2018. However, he stopped eating meat owing to health issues. Only vegetarian foods and eggs are part of his diet now.

Is Virat kohli a vegetarian?

Yes, ‘One8 Commune’ is  Kohli’s restaurant located in Juhu, Mumbai.

Where is virat kohli restaurant?

3 Trimmed Sidelines.

Virat kohli beard style name ?


Did virat kohli got Bharat Ratna

As per him he was not super smart but he was not bad either.

Was virat kohli good in studies

Yes, Virat can speak Punjabi. He is a lover of Punjabi music.

Does virat kohli speaks punjabi


Was virat kohli in the 2011 world cup?

Kohli said that he comes from a middle class family

Was virat kohli poor in his childhood

"You have nothing to worry about if you are honest."

Top 3 Virat kohli quotes

 "Success begins with positivity in the face of adversity."

"Success will follow you if self-belief is accompanied with hard work."