Can Samantha's Special Pooja Make Her Wish Come True?

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Actress Samantha visited the Palani Subramaniaswamy Temple in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu to perform a special pooja.

Samantha meticulously lit the 'Haarati’, taking each step from the bottom of the hill to the top.

Samantha offered prayers to Palani Subramanya Swamy for a quick recovery from her illness.

She performed a special pooja to alleviate the problems she has been facing recently.

Photos and videos related to this are becoming viral.

Samantha's life is experiencing ups and downs after her divorce from Naga Chaitanya.

Last few months back, she surprised all her fans by revealing that she was suffering from a rare disease called myositis.

Everyone became sad when tears welled up in her eyes on stage during the Shakunthalam pre-release event.

Samantha is moving forward with courage, no matter how many ups and downs she faces in life.

She is attempting to restart her life and put the past behind her by keeping herself occupied with films.

Samantha's latest movie, Shakunthalam, is scheduled to release on April 14 after being postponed from its original release date of February 17 due to unavoidable reasons.

Samantha is starring in the movie Shakunthalam and is also set to appear alongside Vijay Deverakonda in Khushi, as well as in a Hindi web series.