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Did Chiranjeevi scored another hit?

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Movie Review

Rating 3.25/5

Chiranjeevi, who had a disaster with 'Acharya,' went a simpler route this time with a remake of Mohanlal's hit 'Lucifer.' Did 'Chiranjeevi' deliver this time on the 'Dasara' festival and how was the Salman and Chiranjeevi Combo?

After the untimely death of the CM, his son-in-law Jaydev (Satyadev) wishes to take over as CM, but Brahma (Chiranjeevi) is against it. The film's premise revolves around why Brahma wants to stop him and as well as his relationship with him.

We believe Chiranjeevi has returned as Megastar. His mannerism and his scenes were perfectly suited to his stardom. Satyadev, as a worthy antagonist, performed admirably.

There is nothing special about Nayanthara's character. Sunil, Shayaji Shinde, Devi, and Murali Sharma have done well despite their small range of roles.

Salman's role was small & disappointing. But the scenes between Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi will give fans a good treat. The Thar Maar Thakkar Maar song between the two will please the fans.

Megastar Chiranjeevi's introduction setting was done in a thrilling and exciting way. For the first 10 minutes, there were well-hyped scenes that worked in the movie and will give goosebumps to his fans. The highlight is the scene where Chiranjeevi's car got stopped and that's where the conflict in the movie begins.

The Chiranjeevi jail scene before the intermission is another standout of the film. The first half excels and is complete mass drama, and for Megastar fans. In the second half, Jaydev's character loses potency and the film devolves into standard commercial fodder. The climax scenes should have been better choreographed.

Nirosha, the cinematographer, has done some incredible camera work. Thaman's songs aren't particularly memorable, but the background score is fantastic. Marthand K Venkatesh did an excellent job with the editing. The action choreography is fantastic.

Have a nice sumptuous meal on Dasara and watch  'Godfather' and it will not disappoint you.