Controversies that rocked Tollywood in 2022

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Tollywood was hit by a slew of controversies in 2022. Nayantara received a lot of attention for her marriage, but she received even more unfavorable attention for her surrogacy.

Other controversies are the question of whether Telugu films should be given preference compared to dubbed films, the Arjun-Vishwak Sen controversy, and the Pavitra Lokesh-Naresh controversy. Let us find out more about them.

Films starring Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna are planned for the Sankranthi 2023 season. The Tamil film 'Varasudu,' starring Vijay, is also releasing in Sankranthi and is being produced by Dil Raju.

Dubbed Films

However, some in the film business are arguing that preference in theatres should be given to Telugu films rather than dubbed films.

Dubbed films have divided the industry into two camps. Dil Raju stated that the release date for their film 'Varasudu' was announced a long time ago.

Industry Voicing Different Opinions

C Kalyan, a film producer, and others believe that 'Telugu Films' should be prioritized in theatres, but they lack backing from top producers.

Arjun has announced a film directed by him with Vishwak Sen as the hero and his daughter as the heroine.

Arjun - Vishwak Sen

And later, Arjun informed the media that Vishwak Sen is not joining the film shootings, which has caused significant damage to the film, and Vishwak Sen lacks basic professionalism.

Vishwak Sen responded to it by saying he had misgivings about the story of this film, and every time he approached Arjun about it, Arjun's response was "trust me". I dropped out of the project because I felt unsure about it.

I cannot close my eyes - Vishwak Sen

Nayantara has been involved in a number of controversies this year. She was observed wearing sandals when inside Tirumala temple before her marriage. That sparked some controversy, for which both Vignesh and Nayantara later apologized.

Nayantara Tirumala

After four months of marriage, Nayan's twins were delivered by a female surrogate.

Nayantara Surrogate Controversy

There was a lot of debate surrounding the problem, but she produced an affidavit stating that they followed all of the requirements, and things settled down quickly.

After Samantha and Naga Chaitanya broke up,  Naga Chaitanya said nothing negative about her. When Karan Johar mentioned that she is your husband on his show, Sam responded that he is his ex-husband.After this Sam was heavily trolled on Social media.

Samantha's Ex-Husband

When Rashmika Mandana was asked about Kantara movie, she stated that she had not seen the film. Incidentally the director of the movie Kantara Rishabh Shetty was the one who has introduced her to Kannadda films.

Rashmika Kantara flame

People mocked her, saying how could she forget the people who gave her a chance, and Rashmika was forced to explain herself by posting a one and  a half page statement.

The controversies surrounding Vijay Devarakonda generated more commotion than the 'Liger' film.

Rowdy Brawl

"You supported me even if you don't know my grandfathers or fathers," he said of Liger's elevation. People whispered that he was referring to the nepotism in Telugu films.

When Bandla Ganesh came to promote Akash Puri's Chor Bazaar, he made some remarks about Akash Puri's father, Puri Jagannath's, absence. Puri, according to Ganesh, is no longer present for his son and is with someone else. Is he talking about 'Charmee,' many muttered.

Bandla Ganesh &  Puri Jagganath

Puri Jagannath, while without directly stating anything, did say in his musings, 'It's good we don't talk too much about unrelated subjects'.

The absence of Bandla Ganesh at  Bhimla Nayak's occasion caused a minor controversy. An audio leak containing Bandla's voice enraged his supporters, who claimed Trivikram was responsible for Bandla Ganesh's absence from the function.

Bandla Ganesh missing at Bheemla Nayak Function

Nitin cancelled his appearance as a guest at the film's pre-release event at the last minute, according to director Amma Rajasekhar. He claimed to be the one who taught Nitin how to dance. Nitin remained silent in response to this criticism.


Pavitra Lokesh and Naresh's relationship was trending  this year. According to rumours, Pavitra and Naresh are dating, and Naresh's wife saw both of them in a hotel. Naresh recently sent legal notices on creators of YouTube channels who were maligning them.

Naresh- Pavitra Lokesh

DJ Tillu's Part 2 appears to be having difficulty finding the actress who will play along with Siddu Jonnala Gadda. Thought, the film's release was unaffected by these changes.

DJ Tillu 2 Actresses Problems

The name Anupama Parameswaran was first announced as an actress for the film, followed by the update that Sri Leela had joined the production, and finally by the name Madonna Sebastian. Aishwarya Lakshmi's name is now being mentioned.

Anasuya Bhardwaj, an actress, filed  a police report stating that she was mocked as "aunty" on social media platforms. This has resulted in more people trolling her on social networking sites, to which she has strongly responded.

Anasuya Aunty Controversy