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Dhanush ‘Sir’ Movie Review

Today, the Tamil film Sir, featuring popular actor Dhanush, hit theaters worldwide. Given Dhanush's strong fan following in Telugu-speaking regions

he hype around the film was further heightened by the fact that it was directed by Telugu director Venky Atluri. So, did the movie manage to impress its audience? Let's take a closer look and review it.

Balagangadhar Tilak(Dhanush)  is employed as a lecturer in a private junior college called Tripathi. However, due to certain circumstances, he takes up a job as a Mathematics lecturer at the Government Junior College in Siripuram.


Upon joining the new college in Sripuram, Dhanush realizes that some of the parents of the students there hold the belief that it is more worthwhile for their children to go to work rather than attend college.

How Balu with help of Meenakshi  (Sanyuktha Menon) transformed the parents' outlook toward their children's education, inspired the students, and made the college the top-ranked institution in the state is the crux of the story.

What harm has Balu's new endeavor caused to Tripathi (Samudra Khani), the owner of Tripathi College? How did Dhanush escape Tripathi's retaliation? What connection do Balu and Collector Murthy (Sumanth) have? That is the rest of the narrative.

Dhanush, in his portrayal of a lecturer, strikes a balance between a classy and a mass look, impressing audiences with his dialogue delivery and emotive performance.


Samyukta has done justice to her role  as a biology lecturer, delivering an impressive performance in a traditional character.

While Hyper Aadi's comedy was enjoyable, it fell short of expectations, which was a bit disappointing. On the other hand, Samudrakhani delivered an impressive performance as Tripathi, the villainous character in the film.

Tanikella Bharani's role was underwhelming, whereas Saikumar delivered a pleasing performance in his role as the president of the publicity-obsessed town. Sumanth also impressed viewers with his portrayal of the collector, albeit for a brief period.

Director Venky Atluri has skillfully transformed the concept of education as a basic right into a movie, with a well-crafted screenplay and clean dialogues. While the story is unique, it has a nostalgic quality that evokes classic films.


Technically, the movie is excellent,  with strong production values. The cinematography by Jay Yuvraj is particularly impressive, with visually stunning shots throughout the film.


The music and background score by GV Prakash Kumar also added life to the movie, with the song "Masteru....Masteru.." in particular adding a delightful touch.

Some unrealistic scenes


Dhanush Acting Music by Jeevi Prakash Emotional scenes


Rating: 3/5

Overall, the movie is a great family-friendly option with a valuable message. It has a nostalgic quality that will resonate well with viewers who grew up in the 90s.