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Did someone throw stones at singer Mangli’s car? What did Mangli say?

The news of an attack on singer Mangli's car in Bellary, Karnataka created a stir in Tollywood. Was Mangli really attacked in Karnataka?  What did Mangli say?

The news that singer Mangli was attacked has gone viral on social media for the past two days. There was a rumor that some people attacked her care with stones in Bellary.

Mangli participated in an event held in Chikkaballapur a few days ago. Mangli was asked by popular anchor Anushri to speak in Kannada during the program.

Where did it all begin?

Mangli responded by saying “Here everyone Understands Telugu ‘ so I will continue in Telugu, when forced by the anchor Anushri, she spoke two words in Kannada.

Mangli attended another event in Bellary on Saturday. On her way back from the event, some fans jumped at the car to see her in the middle of the road. The fans were turned away as the audience was huge and the police took control.

Another Event in Bellary

This video went viral and Kannada netizens expressed their anger at Mangli's behavior. They commented on why they are giving her a chance in Kannada.

Netizens are outraged

Mangli dismissed all reports of stone pelting on her as rumors. She appealed to her fans not to believe the false propaganda being spread about her.

Mangli’s Clarity

But Mangli said that some people are spreading bad publicity about this incident. She requested people not to believe such false propaganda.

Mangli said that she will never forget the love shown to her by the people of Kannada. She said if one sees the event's video one can easily see the love showered on her in Karanataka.

The love of the Kannada people is great