Did you notice these things in Pawan Kalyan's #OG poster?

DVV Entertainment has announced Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s new project with Saaho director Sujeeth. This surprise announcement has been overwhelming for Pawan Kalyan fans.

The makers have also released an interesting concept poster for this upcoming film. If you look attentively, the poster has several intriguing aspects. Let’s break down the poster.

In American street slang, "OG" stands for "original gangster," and the title alone makes it clear that this is a full-fledged gangster movie.


The poster has the Japanese tagline "Firestorm is coming". The slogan and its wording give the impression that this movie may be set in Japan or have a Japanese theme running through it.

The Japanese words

The colours red, black, and orange are used throughout the whole poster. As movie enthusiasts, we must comprehend that every detail of a poster or any work of art expresses something.


The inner spirit and the essence of life are reflected in the colours red and black. The colour orange denotes optimism.

Sujeet, the filmmaker, gives a clue in his artwork that he would portray PK in a "John Wick" vein.

Shadows represent gloom, and the pistol in the shadow suggests that the protagonist may have had hardship or a violent past.

The gun in the Shadow

This one may be taken in the sense that the protagonist is beginning a new chapter or a fresh start after leaving his cruelty and wicked past behind.

Journey into the setting sun

The sign beneath Pawan Kalyan's feet can be a metaphor for his rebirth.


Buddha is a symbol of harmony, kindness, and love. He fiercely opposed aggression, enmity, hostility, and other negative traits.

Journey into the setting sun

Pawan Kalyan's journeys towards Buddha give the impression that he is leaving his gang life behind in favour of a tranquil existence free from wickedness.

Mumbai’s Gateway of India gives away to the audience that the gangster drama may travel around Mumbai and Tokyo.