Everything you need to know about Apple Ipad 10th generation

Apple launched the iPad 10th generation on October 28. The tablet was launched as the entry-level tablet for next-generation models.

The iPad 10 is the device that replaces the previous iPad 9 generation. This smartphone has a stylish design, brilliant colours, and some new updates. The latest iPads are offered in the colours silver, blue, pink, and yellow.


Apple has powered the iPad 10 with its two-year-old A14, but it guarantees solid performance.


The major upgrade comes with the display. The home button is removed, and the touch ID is embedded in the power button. This makes room for an edge-to-edge 10.9-inch LED Retina Display.


Due to iPad OS 16, this device's performance has significantly improved.


iPad 10 also comes with upgraded cameras, i.e. 12 MP front and rear.


The iPad 10 guarantees better battery life than its predecessor.


– This device now includes the much-anticipated USB Type-C port. – 5G connectivity is available on iPad 10 devices.

Other features

Due to the improvised performance, the iPad 10 can be the replacement for your basic laptop works.

The iPad 10 contains essentially all of the same functions as the 9th generation iPad, albeit having a much more appealing appearance. However, the price of the iPad 10 is significantly greater than that of the iPad 9.

Even though it costs a lot of money, this device has a major flaw in that it only works with the first-generation Apple pencil.

Regarding the accessories, it is compatible with the brand-new Magic Keyboard Folio, which costs about 25,000 rupees more.

An extra Rs. 8,500 is required to purchase the Apple Smart Folio protective cover for your iPad. The Smart Folio is available in the colours white, sky, watermelon, and lemonade.

Wi-Fi models of the new iPad are available with a starting price of INR44,900, and Wi-Fi + Cellular models start at INR59,900. The new iPad, in 64GB and 256GB configurations, comes in blue, pink, yellow, and silver.

– Big and detailed display – Excellent sound – Design – Battery Life – USB type -c


– More expensive than predecessor – No 3.5mm headphone socket – No HDR – Supports only old accessories