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Get inspired by Anansuya’s saree collection for this Sankranthi festival

Alluring beauty, Anasuya presently one of the busiest names in the industry. The Telugu States' millions of fans refer to the actress as "Attha."

As we all know, Anasuya is a great saree enthusiast, and she has established various trends in Telugu fashion circles with her saree appearances.

Let's spark the festive spirit for this Sankranthi season by drawing inspiration from her extensive saree collection.

The ravishing red colours are made to attract the crowd, and the nicely blended golden colour motif and palette give his outfit a graceful look. Try this outfit with some equally attractive jewels.

Red- Motif

For this festival, this Anasuya's saree is the ideal attire for young women. The dense design on the ash-navy blend saree, which has a red-golden border, blends very beautifully with a red blouse.

Silk with Heavy Design

This outfit is enhanced with the neckpiece, bangles, and hoops earrings.

Simply pick this look if you want to strike out with elegance. Pearl jewellery may be gracefully worn with a light peach lehenga choli or saree.

The pearl inspired

Sarees are always special, but have you tried this kind of light-weight, multicoloured saree? This vibrant saree gives you a unique look that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Yellow-Peach- Turquoise

Although this style has been popular for a while, it has aged like fine wine. This elegant combination looks well with both sarees and half sarees; all you need is a little hairstyling and little makeup.

Violet - Dark Green

Yet another classic combination that is still popular, the dark red and green. This look works big time when it is paired with Vaddanam, Jumka, and Papda Billa.

Ravishing Red - Dark Green

Bright colours go really well with the cultural clothing; Anasuya wore one to show off her charm in a colourful, vibrant half saree.

Mix of Bright

Try them on a saree or a half-saree to see how peach, gold, and pink may improve an ensemble.

The mix of parrot green and angelic white effortlessly produces an exotic appeal with this outfit without the need for further embellishment or accessories.

Angel White - Parrot Green

Some attractive bangles and hoop earrings get the job done.

The soft yellow blouse and embroidered silk saree were designed to be together. The outfit pairs well with an attractive hairdo and some sparkling jewellery.

Pink! Yellow!

Nothing can match the grace of classic bright colour combinations. The dark blue and green colours are  match made in heaven which emits the festival vibes.

The epitome of ethnic wear