Hyderabad is one of the top women-friendly cities in India.

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Hyderabad is ranked as one of the best sites for women in India. It ranked fourth on the list of ‘Women Friendly’ cities and joined the cities like Chennai, Pune and Bangalore.

Being at the forefront of women's safety, representation at work, and women's empowerment Reports say that proper opportunities are being provided for women in industries as well.

In a survey conducted by Avatar Group’s Pioneers in DEI Consulting, Hyderabad is ranked as one of the top-5 best cities for women in India.

Women's City

A city's inclusion score is calculated by taking into consideration all factors related to women. Among 111 cities, Hyderabad stands fourth with a CIL of 62.47.

City Score

Chennai - 78.41, Pune - 69.44, Bangalore - 64.48  have occupied the first three spots with better inclusion score.

Top 3 Cities

Almost 200 surveys were done to draw this conclusion. The living index and crime records were checked and calculated while making these surveys.

200 surveys

It's particularly remarkable to observe that Hyderabad has climbed to the top of the lists for women's safety in a short period of time when compared to other cities,

Unstoppable Hyderabad

even though the IT industry has existed in Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore considerably longer than it has in Hyderabad.

The safety of women is a primary concern for the Telangana government. A special police force called the "She Team" is relentlessly working for the women in the city.

Safety is the first priority

Many mobile applications were also designed for women's safety.

The Telangana government has established "We Hub" exclusively for women to invest in and support their startup ideas and support women's empowerment.

Women Empowerment

Vizag is ranked as the 10th safest city for women, with Kakinada and Vijayawada ranking 12th and 19th, respectively.

A.P. Cities

Another Telangana city on the list is Warangal, which is ranked 18th.