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 12 Cheetahs from South Africa 

in Historic Exchange. Know more about these Cheetahs.

India Welcomes

12 cheetahs have arrived in India from Johannesburg, South Africa.

They arrived at the Gwalior Air Force base in Madhya Pradesh by a special flight.

India and South Africa have called this exchange of cheetahs a measure of the relationship between the two BRICS countries.

In September last year, 8 leopards were brought from Namibia to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

With the recent arrival of 12 cheetahs, a total of 20 leopards have been brought to India from Africa.

Out of the total 12 cheetahs, 5 are female cheetahs and 7 are male cheetahs.

Cheetahs are unique animals that can hunt at a speed of 100-120 km/h.


They can grow up to 4 feet tall and weigh between 35 kg to 55 kg. Male cheetahs are slightly heavier than female cheetahs.

These cheetahs are initially kept in quarantine enclosures for several months.

At the end of the quarantine period, they will be introduced into Kuno National Park.

India is home to more than 70% of the world's tigers.

Asiatic leopards that once roamed on Indian territory became extinct in the late 1940s.

As part of Project Cheetah, the government is taking steps to restore its population.

Experts believe that Asiatic leopards became extinct in the country due to hunting and habitat loss.