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 YouTube's New CEO 

Indian-American Executive Neal Mohan Takes the Helm as 

succeeding long serving Susan Wojcicki

Neal Mohan, an Indian-American executive, has been named as the new CEO of the social media behemoth YouTube, succeeding the long-serving CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Mohan was previously serving as YouTube's Chief Product Officer prior to his promotion to the CEO role.

The trend of Indians holding prominent positions in the world's top technology companies continues, as exemplified by the current CEOs of Google, Microsoft, and Adobe.

Sundar Pichai is at the helm of Google, Satya Nadella leads Microsoft, and Shantanu Narayan holds the CEO position at Adobe.

Born in 1975 in Lucknow, Neal Mohan's family immigrated to the United States and settled in Texas when he was young. Mohan was brought up and educated in the United States.

Neal Mohan Background

Graduated in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Neal Mohan began his professional career at Accenture in 1996, following which he joined a startup called Net Gravity. Eventually, Net Gravity was acquired by the online advertising company DoubleClick.

Professional background

Following DoubleClick's acquisition by Google in 2007, Neal Mohan continued to work on various advertising-related projects, including AdWords, AdSense, and DoubleClick. 48-year-old Neal Mohan has been working as YouTube's Chief Product Officer since 2015.

Mohan also has prior experience working at Microsoft. Neal was a corporate strategy manager at Microsoft.

Neal Mohan served as a board member at Stitch Fix, an American personal styling service. Neal has also offered his services to a biotech company named  ‘company23’

Susan Wojcicki, who was working as the CEO of YouTube, announced in a blog post that she is stepping down.

She said that she will focus on her personal life from now on. In 2014, she took over as CEO.

Susan has a very friendly relationship with the new CEO Neal Mohan. Initially, they both worked together in Google's advertising department.