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Indian documentary  'The Elephant Whisperers' wins Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film

The Elephant Whisperers won the Indian Film Award at the 95th Oscars, competing with short films from other languages.

Karthik Gonsalves, the director, received the award on the Oscar stage and dedicated it to Motherland India.

Out of the nominees Hallout, How Do You Measure a Year, The Martha Mitchell Effect, and Stranger at the Gate, 'The Elephant Whisperers' emerged as the winner of the award.

This is the first Indian film to win an Oscar in the Best Documentary Short Film category.

The plot of 'The Elephant Whisperers' revolves around the bond shared between a family and an elephant.

This award-winning short film, 'The Elephant Whisperers,' beautifully showcases the deep bond that forms between humans and animals, as we witness the incredible story of  a  family's efforts to nurse an injured  baby elephant ‘Raghu’ back to health.

The film was shot in the Mudumalai National Park in the Nilgiri Mountains of Tamil Nadu.

This is the debut film of director Karthik Gonsalves. He won an Oscar for his first film.

Through this short film, Director Karthik beautifully portrays the lush green forests and provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of the tribal community.

In an interview, Director Karthi shared that the production of 'The Elephant Whisperers' spanned almost five years.

As per a previous statement by Karthi, he first encountered the baby elephant 'Raghu' when it was merely three months old. He then spent a year and  a half nurturing and raising the elephant.

'The Elephant Whisperers' movie's storyline was developed by Karthik's mother, Priscilla Gonsalves.

This movie was released under the production house of Sikhya Entertainment. Produced by Guneet Monga.

The Oscar-winning short film The Elephant Whisperers' can be watched  on Netflix

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