Joshimath Sinking: The Gateway to Badrinath is about to disappear.

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The town of Joshimath, known as the Gateway of Badrinath, is currently under threat. The gradual collapse of the city is alarming.

Near Badrinath

Joshimath is situated at an altitude of 6 thousand feet above sea level in the state of Uttarakhand. It is noteworthy that this town is 50 km away from Badrinath.

What is going on?

The roads and homes have been developing cracks for the last few days. The people of Joshimath are now in  a state of confusion.


Many claim that this is the result of the NTPC Hydro Power Project, Badrinath Highway, etc. being built. Experts claim that the uneven terrain and dispersed structures are to be blamed for this.


An expert group suggested that necessary measures need to  be taken during construction, almost four decades ago.

Large stones should reportedly not be removed, and reforestation should be done.

Human errors?

Despite the Mishra Committee's warning new, buildings continued to be built  in Joshimath. The earth's surface lost its grip, according to experts, and has begun to sink over time.

The poll that was performed last year found the same thing.

Uninhabitable Houses

More than 600 homes were deemed uninhabitable, and residents are already moving to safer locations.

Danger Ahead

Officials in charge of the district's disaster response have deemed 200 homes dangerous. On the walls of such homes, a red cross emblem is painted.

Threat to 25 thousand people

The lives of roughly 25 thousand people are in peril as the town of Joshimath is crumbling. Some families are moving to new places, while others are refusing to do so.

Special Attention

The central and state governments are paying close attention to this matter as it continues to deteriorate.

To guarantee public safety, Prime Minister Narendra Modi convened a special review meeting.

Financial assistance from CM

Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister, personally went to the people and gave them bravery advice.

He declared that each household will get Rs. 4,000 in financial aid each month for the following six months.

Temporary Camps

Near Joshimath, in the hamlet of Pipalkoti, temporary camps are being built. For evacuees from Joshimath, about 16 shelters have been built up.

National calamity?

The government must declare the  collapse of Joshimath a national tragedy, according to the opposition parties and other significant organisations  and groups.

Joshimath will be another Dwaraka!

With these events, rumors that Joshimath might drown like Dwaraka spread. Even the experts are hesitant to deny the fears of the public, as they can’t assure anything.