K. Vishwanath Garu’s brief: A Legendary Filmmaker and Grand Architect Of Indian Cinema

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Pedapulivarru in the Guntur district is K.Vishwanath's hometown. His parents were Kashinathuni Subrahmanyam and Saraswathamma, and he was born on February 19, 1930.

Known for creating masterpiece films, director K Vishwanath started out in the films as a sound recordist at Vijayawahini Studios. He was a recording assistant for the movie Patala Bhairavi.

K. Vishwanath, who continued his film career for five decades, directed more than 50 films

Vishwanath Garu Debuted as a director with his first movie Aatma Gowravam(1965).

The first Nandi award he got was for the movie ‘Aatma Gowravam’.  The last movie  K. Vishwanath directed was the movie Subhapradam.

Vishwanath Garu became a national and global icon with his film Shankarabharanam which was released in 1980 on February  2.

Sankarabharanam In Death

Exactly 43 years after the release  of the film Shankarabharanam,  K. Vishwanath Garu passed away.

As Actor

With Kamal Haasan's urging,  K. Vishwanath began acting in the films Subha Sankalpam and Drohi. In movies like Kalisundam Raa, Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule, Tagore, and Narasimha Naidu, he made a lasting impression as a performer.

In Bollywood

He also directed 10 films in Bollywood. Music played a very important role in Kalathapasvi's films.

KV Mahadevan, Ilayaraja, and MM Keeravani were the music directors for many of K. Vishwanath's films.


He got numerous awards such as Padma Shri and Raghupathi Venkaiah Awards in 1992, Dadasaheb Phalke Awards in 2017, 5 National Awards,  5 Nandi Awards, and 10 Filmfare Awards.