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KGF Fans Slam C/O Kancherapalem Director ‘Venkatesh Maha’  on Social Media

Venkatesh Maha, the director of the critically acclaimed movie KGF, has come under fire for his recent comments about the KGF film.

His controversial statements have caused a stir among fans of the movie, who are demanding an apology.

During an interview, Venkatesh Maha discussed the type of films he would like to create, stating that he could make better movies if he put aside his ambitions for progress.

Director's Bold Claims

He also expressed his concerns that films with values are being degraded and referred to as "OTT films."

In his comments, he referred to a movie without naming it, in Part 1, where the hero's mother asks him to get gold and the hero liberates people working in gold mines.

Indirect Criticism of KGF

He went on to question whether the hero is not "a neech kameen kutha," meaning a scoundrel or dirty dog, for throwing away the gold in the second part, and whether the audience should be clapping for that kind of story.

Director Venkatesh Maha has refused to retract his comments on KGF despite the backlash from fans.

Standing by What I said

In a recent statement, he clarified that he apologized only for the way he communicated his opinion and not for the opinion itself.

Maha went on to say that he understood the emotional attachment fans had to KGF and that he did not intend to hurt anyone's sentiments with his comments.

Venkatesh Maha gained recognition in the film industry with his directorial debut in the movie Keraf Kancharepalem.

Director's Film Career

He also directed the hit film 'Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya' and acted in several movies such as ‘Aakasame Haddu’, ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’, and ‘Ante Sundaraniki’.

Currently, Venkatesh Maha is playing a vital role in the upcoming web series Anger Tales, which is set to be released on Disney+ Hotstar on March 10.

New Project

The hashtags related to Venkatesh Maha's comments on KGF are currently trending on social media. While some people support his views, others criticize him for his statements.

Mixed Reactions on Social Media

Fans of the movie have taken to social media platforms to express their anger and demand an apology from the director.

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