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‘Konaseema Thugs’ Movie Review

Choreographer turned director Brinda Gopal’s latest offering 'Konaseema Thugs', starring Bobby Simha in the lead role, has hit the screens today (24 Feb).

The trailer and teasers have piqued the audience's curiosity, but does the movie live up to the hype? Let's find out in this review.

Seshu (Hridu Haroon) finds himself behind bars under unexpected circumstances and meets Dora (Bobby Simha) and Madhu. The trio hatches a plan to escape from prison.


But why did Seshu end up in jail? What is the story of Peddireddy that led to Seshu's arrest? Who is the prince? Did they successfully escape from prison?

While the storyline seems intriguing, director Brinda falters to execute it effectively. The first half moves at  a sluggish pace, with too much time spent on character introductions.

Direction and Screenplay

However, some scenes in the prison are well crafted. The interval sets up the second half well, which is when the real story begins.

The screenplay is impressive and the serious tone of the movie keeps the audience engaged. The way the prison escape is planned and executed is well presented, reminiscent of Vetrimaran movies.

Technically, the movie is excellent. Priyesh Guruswamy's cinematography is a highlight of the movie, capturing the essence of the scenes perfectly.

Technical Aspects

Hridu Haroon delivers an impressive performance with his body language and emotional scenes. Bobby Simha is  a natural in his role, as always.


Anaswara Rajan does justice to her limited role. The rest of the cast performs adequately within the scope  of their roles.

First Half


Story Second Half Performance of actors Cinematography BGM


Rating: 3/5

Overall, 'Konaseema Thugs' is a decent movie and a must-watch for movie lovers. The slow first half may disappoint some, but the second half more than makes up for it.


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