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Movie Review

Travel and exploration are two things that Viplav (Santosh Shobhan), a Youtuber and travel vlogger, likes doing. He meets Vasudha (Faria Abdullah), who is quite similar to Viplav in terms of his mindset and way of life but hails from a wealthy family.


The primary plotline is developed concurrently with the Naxal narrative, which will eventually become connected to Viplav and Vasudha's lives.

The Naxals: who are they? What is the story? The primary focus of this movie is how these two are related to Naxal.

There aren't any challenging assignments for the lead cast to deal with because the film mostly focuses on humour and drama.


Santosh Shobhan, who we've known for a while and who has produced some solid OTT films, gave a passable performance, drawing on all of his skill; Comedy looked believable, but the narrative wasn't able to bring out the best in him. Faria Abdullah has fulfilled the demands of the narrative and the director.

This film was directed by Merlakapa Gandhi, a director of comedies in the past. The Naxal uprising and travel vlogging were the major subjects since the director wanted to deliver his point in a humorous manner.

Technical Aspects     

The story doesn't appear believable, though, given the Naxal movement ended in the 1990s and vlogging began to gain popularity in the late 2000s. Many aspects of his writing are weak, and the audience can tell.

Overall, Gandhi fell short of captivating and entertaining the crowd. Praveen Lakkarju’s music and songs are good. Vasanth’s cinematography is neat. The editing could have done better.


Shoban and Faria

Comedy Portions



Lousy screenplay

Rating : 2/5

Weak Narrative