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Be aware of these Cybercrimes.

There is a stereotype that only illiterate individuals are vulnerable to cybercrime when we read or hear about it, but the truth is different. Even the most clever people are now falling prey to online deception and criminality. The crooks mostly prey on young people who are looking for love, dating, jobs, and other things.

Fake matrimony Traps

In this scenario, the lady typically contacts the male via a matrimonial website. They soon swap numbers, followed by calls, chats, sporadic meet-ups, parties, gifts, and celebrations. The victim will eventually have significant debt to repay.

When things escalate, the ladies deftly escape the argument by claiming they can't get along in long-term relationships and breaking up. The lady may even threaten to report the victim for sexual harassment if the victim acts stubbornly. These criminals primarily prey on single people and divorcees.

Telangana Police have identified and apprehended gangs that are professionally executing this by running call centres with girls who phone these victims.

Honey Trap

The victims in this case can get a call from an unknown number, which then develops into a friendship and sexting. Eventually the caller will tease him with intimate photos and videos while asking him to send the same. The plot takes a risky turn, though, if the man falls for the trap and sends his explicit video. By threatening the males, they will demand money.

In reality, we must understand that the girl's conversation and videos are really a ploy to trap you. Nothing in the video or the pictures is true; it's just one man who puts everything up to trap another man.

Dating apps

Dating apps are becoming the centre of the cybercrime universe. It might be challenging to identify fake users. Once they build a rapport with a guy, they use their expertise of his hobbies and lifestyle to trick him with their words and actions.

One day, they approach him and ask for money, claiming they need it for her family members' surgery etc. Once they get the money, they will block the guy and disappear.

Illegal Apps

In this instance, they target men who are looking for physical relationships.  Numerous apps carry out these unlawful acts. Men need to understand that none of these programmes are legitimate, and that the adverts are nothing more than a giant snare.

Job Traps

Cybercriminals often prey on young people seeking employment. In the name of state and private job services, they are deceiving people. To deceive the unwary, they will put up everything, including fake staff members, offices, and appointment letters.

The authorities discovered that some of the immigrants from Nigeria are responsible for some of the above listed frauds. Call 1930 as soon as possible to report a cybercrime or fraud if you believe you have been a victim.