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You could also lose your money, so follow these steps to safeguard it.

Lost your phone?

You must take some precautions if you lose your phone as a result of negligence, forgetfulness, or the hands of a thief. If not, it's possible that the money in your accounts will likewise vanish.

Before the individual who lost the phone purchases a new phone and authorises their number, cybercriminals empty the account. The Sim cards in the missing phone are being used by cybercriminals.

If you are an Android user, log in to Google’s Find My Device or, if you are an Apple user, log in to "Find My iPhone" and try to track the location from another phone as soon as your phone is lost.

The first thing to do

Find My Device/Find My iPhone has an option to lock the phone. Lock your phone right away.Also, you can delete your data remotely through the "Erase All Data" option there.

Delete Data

File a complaint at the nearest police station or through apps like "Hack Eye." This step will be crucial to claiming your insurance.

Report it ASAP

Many people save their banking and UPI pins, etc., in their contact list or in a document. Don’t do this at all in any case.

The Don'ts

Try to create tough passwords for all your financial-related applications. Try not to include simple numericals like your phone number, date of birth, or bike number.

Avoid Simple Passwords

Block your SIM card immediately after losing your phone. Otherwise, cybercriminals will use your SIM card to withdraw money from the bank account linked to that number.

Don’t forget to block your SIM card

Google Pay: 18004190157 Phonepay number: 08068727374 Paytm: 01204456456

These numbers are used to block payment apps.

If you discover any suspicious transactions in your bank account after losing your phone, report it to the bank as soon as possible so that you can save the remaining money.

If your money is deducted

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