'Love Today' Telugu version Review

The Tamil film "Love Today," which was released on November 4, has received rave reviews from the Tamil audience and minted 70 crores at the Kollywood box office. The Telugu version of this Gen-Z love story has hit theaters today

Can the film connect well with Telugu audiences? Let's find out.

Director  : Pradeep Ranganathan Starring  : Pradeep Ranganathan, Ivana,                         Sathyaraj, Yogi Babu, and others Music        : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Pradeep (Pradeep Ranganathan) and Nikita (Ivana) decide to get married. So they confess their relationship to Shastri (Sathyaraj), Nikitha's father, and ask him to approve of their marriage.


In order to facilitate Pradeep and Nikitha getting married, Shastri imposes the condition of exchanging their phones for one day. Shastri's condition is accepted by Pradeep and Nikitha, but after that, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Pradeep Rangarajan scores full marks in direction and performance. The Gen-Z love story and relationship concept hit the right chords. The first half travels smoothly with good comedy, and he delivers a powerful message in the second half, which is well embedded with strong emotional sequences.


Pradeep was successful in showing the bad effects of social media on human relationships and how people are getting hooked to this platform. Ivana delivered a commendable performance. We may see her in Tollywood soon. Sathyaraj and Radhika were stunning, as usual. Yogi Babu’s character is a special attraction in this film.

The dubbing work is brilliant for this film; the dialogues were written very well in Telugu. We don’t feel a Tamil dubbed vibe while watching the flick, which is a huge plus. Yuvan’s music was excellent. Camera work and cinematography all worked well. The editing could have been better in the second half.

What worked?

Unique Story Good performances Dubbing quality Music



Slow narration

Rating: 3.25