Movie Review HIT-The Second Case

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The second part of the "HIT" movie franchise was released in theaters today. The Adivi Sesh starrer raised huge expectations among the audience with its intriguing trailer and promotions. Let’s find out what the film has to offer.

"HIT: The Second Case" runs against the backdrop of a typical investigative plot. It’s apt to say that the film runs against the same backdrop as HIT: First Case: a lazy police officer who starts to investigate the murder case of an innocent woman.


What’s the approach of the protagonist towards the case? What challenges will he face? Who is the killer? How did the protagonist track the killer? The rest of the plot follows these questions.

The movie starts off with Adivi Sesh, a police officer who’s uninterested in his duty and lives with his partner. However, when he takes over a murder case, he starts to get more involved in it.

Decent First Half

Director Sailesh Kolanu has packed suspense right before the intermission. The twist in the intermission creates immense tension and interest in the second half.

Interval Block

The director has delivered a thrilling second half. In the second half, the twists and turns, hero and killer sequences, some unexpected cameo appearances, and edge-of-your-seat mystery sequences worked so well.

Thrilling Second Half

The director executed the plot very effectively without losing its core. He sticks to the screenplay and story rather than going after any sort of commercial elements.

The screenplay, cinematography, and editing have worked out very well for this film. Background music could have been better.

Technical Aspects

Hit: The Second Case is a good investigative thriller with some lag in the first half. It’s noteworthy to say that the public expected much more from this film.


The makers have made an announcement in the climax of HIT-2 about the third part of the franchise and the cast. A big star will play the lead role in the film. You must watch Hit-2 to find out who the hero is in the third installment.


Adivi Sesh once again impressed the audience with a thriller. Meenakshi Chaudary hardly gets any screen time. The supporting cast also did a good job.


Hit-2 is a decent watch despite some lag in the plot, but this film will be a good watch for movie buffs and crime-thriller lovers. The film may disappoint the masala genre audience.


Story Acting performances Screenplay Cinematography Editing

Rating - 3/5


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