Naresh and Pavitra confirm their marriage with a smooch

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In order to put a stop to the various issues surrounding their claimed connection, Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh have publicly declared their marriage.

By sharing a video of them kissing as they ring in the year 2023, they formally declared their marriage.

Let’s take a look at how their relationship started

Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh have been on social media for a long time for a variety of unfavourable reasons.

They became the subject of social media memes because of their old age love affair as rumours about their relationship spread.

As per sources, Pavitra and Naresh became close during the MAA elections; she put in a lot of effort on his behalf and supported him all the way through the election campaign.

MAA elections

Since Pavitra and Naresh frequently played husband and wife in movies, this had an effect on their private life. They've both also been featured in several advertisements.

Reel life wife & husband

They have both been living together for a while and have been present at all the major Tollywood parties and events.

Livin Relationship

When Naresh brought Pavitra to Krishna's birthday celebration, the rumours about their connection started.

In Mysore, the two were spotted in a lodge. When Naresh's third wife caught them red-handed and made a viral social media scene.

Hotel controversy

Naresh and Pavitra concurred that they were dating as Naresh's wife exposed their alleged relationship.

Made it public

Their relationship drama has drawn criticism from Telugu internet users.


Naresh  faced tremendous criticism for the way he behaved during the funeral of his stepfather Krishna.

Due to legal issues, Naresh, who has already been married three times, divorced all three of his wives.

Three Unsuccessful marriages

his prepared the ground for the controversy involving Pavitra Lokesh.

Naresh and Pavitra have put a stop to social media controversies and memes by unexpectedly announcing their marriage.

Fourth Marriage

Their video of their lip-kiss is currently becoming viral online.