Notable Events that happened in Tollywood in 2022

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The year 2022 was a challenging one for Telugu cinema. This year, the business has seen its greatest highs and lowest lows. There have been numerous controversies in the film industry this year, from ticket price increases to producers' councils halting production.

In addition, there have been celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Prabhas and the 25th anniversary of Jr. NTR in Telugu cinema.

And the tragic deaths of the late celebrities Krishnam Raju and Superstar Krishna. 2022 is a mixed bag for Tollywood in general.

Let's look at some of the noteworthy events that happened in 2022.

Elections for the "Maa" took place in October of last year, but its effects lasted until 2022. The Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu teams' differences had reached a breaking point, which finally caused Prakash's team to resign.

'Maa' Elections

The producers were stunned by the Andhra Pradesh government's decision to lower the movie ticket prices. Government has fixed the balcony tickets to just Rs.30, this decision has become the talk of the town.

Movie ticket prices

Chiranjeevi discussed the subject of cinema ticket prices with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan. Chiru was joined at the meeting by Mahesh Babu and Prabhas, who asked CM Jagan to raise the price of movie tickets.

Tollywood Family Meets CM Jagan

The negotiations were fruitful, and AP Government  adopted few of the ideas of the stars.

With RRR and KGF 2 being high-budget films, the producers have chosen to raise movie ticket prices to compensate. However, many other producers attempted the same technique with their films.

Enlightenment on ticket rates

As a result of this decision, many films have become box office flops. However, seeing that increasing ticket costs constituted a threat to the business, the producers reduced the ticket price from Rs. 200 to Rs. 100.

Following the pandemic, OTTs have started to pose a danger to producers and their businesses. The producers' council has opted on an 8-week timeframe for a movie's OTT distribution following its theatrical premiere..

OTT Decisions

Jr. NTR celebrated his 25th anniversary in Telugu cinema this year. He scored an industry hit this year in the form of RRR and won worldwide acclaim.

25 years of NTR in TFI

Rebel Star Prabhas has celebrated his 20th anniversary in Telugu cinema this year. After the glorious 20 years the actor now stands a torch bearer of pan-India cinema.

20 years of Prabhas in TFI

Mahesh Babu lost his mother Indira Devi, father Superstar Krishna, and brother Ramesh Babu all within the span of a year. Mahesh Babu has had an exceedingly difficult year in 2022.

Tragic Year for Mahesh Babu

In this year, Rebel star Krishnam Raju, the uncle of Prabhas, passed away. In his birthplace, Prabhas hosted a sizable memorial service for Krishnam Raju and fed his fans.

Indescribable loss for Prabhas

Samantha has been diagnosed with myositis, a rare medical condition. It is quite difficult to walk because of the illness's intense muscular discomfort. Samantha made this shocking declaration on social media, and her fans are pushing her to get better quickly.

Samantha’s Health Issues

This year, actress Kajal gave birth to a boy. He was given the name Kitchulu by the actress and her spouse. Since her marriage, Kajal has been away from the movie industry.

Kajal gave birth to a baby boy

Ram Charan and Upasana have been married for almost ten years. Many questions about family planning and having children were posed to the couple, but neither responded. However, Chiranjeevi just announced that Ram Charan and Upasana are expecting their first child.

Good News from  Ram Charan and Upasana

According to Chiranjeevi's announcement, he will construct a hospital for movie industry workers. In order to take care of the health of movie industry employees, seasoned actors teamed up with a significant hospital and provided them with health cards.

Chiranjeevi’s Humanitarian work

The producers council finally implemented the necessary changes as a result of the walkout by movie industry workers who were demanding a salary increase.

Halt of Shootings

Puri Jagannadh has been embroiled in financial turmoil after the debacle of his last film, "Liger." The director has lodged a complaint with the police against some distributors and financiers who are threatening him.

Puri Jagannadh’s Financial Troubles