Pawan Kalyan's Top 8 Interesting Answers in Unstoppable Baap of all Episodes

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Balakrishna's questions to Pawan Kalyan in the Unstoppable program and PSPK's answers were interesting and hilarious throughout the Aaha Unstoppable show. Here are some snippets from the episodes.

PSPK:  I truly didn't want to be married; instead, I wanted to follow the paths of yoga and celibacy. My family set up my first marriage, and my second marriage ended in divorce because of differences.  I never got married because of my desires or something like that.

NBK:  What is these three marriages' controversy?

Interesting statements were made by Pawan in reaction to political leaders who questioned his three marriages, saying he didn't want to comment because the politicians had their own daughters.

NBK: On political leaders commenting on his three marriages?

Balayya gave a strong counter to those talking about Pawan Kalyan's three marriages. Balakrishna said that they are street dogs

Balayya;s Strong Counter

Pawan revealed At the Sai Dharam Tej accident time he suffered the most. Watch the episode to know the reason.

On which incident he Suffered the Most?

Bandla Ganesh, the movie's producer, came under fire from Pawan Kalyan when he said he didn’t receive the remuneration he had anticipated for  the movie Gabbarsingh.

Bandla Ganesh.

Pawan Kalyan said that the reason for not doing the stories brought by young directors is that these stories are not suitable for his age.

On saying no to young Director's Stories

He narrated an unexpected experience in a fight scene from the movie Jalsa

Jalsa movie

Pawan revealed a secret in the episode with NBK. Pawan became emotional when he was revealing that he was suffering from asthma since childhood.

The secret to health

On one occasion, a depressed Pawan Kalyan pointed a revolver directly at himself. Watch the episode to know more about this.

Gun on Point Blank

Watch the episode to see how Pawan answered the below questions.

More Questions

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The first episode's onslaught of questions from Balayya makes the second one appear to be more hilarious and more engaging.