People who have become overnight social media stars in 2022

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We don't know who goes viral in this social media-centric world; in the year 2022, many people became famous overnight as their videos went viral right away.

Many people have gained popularity on social media this year, ranging from  a street vendor to a corrupt police officer, from a guy who makes viral movie reviews to a folk singer.

Let’s see the list of the people who went viral on social media.

Before becoming famous for his hit song "Kacha Badam," Madhya Pradesh's Bhuban Bhadyakar worked as a street seller. He sang the song casually to draw in the buyer, but his life was permanently altered when someone recorded his singing and posted it online.

Kacha Badam Singer

Bhuban experienced tremendous national fame, which led to substantial remuneration for him. He reworked the song in collaboration with another artist; the track took over the internet for months.

When the 22-year-old Delhi resident posted her dancing video for the popular song "Kacha Badam," she instantly became a social media sensation. In just a few days  Anjali Arora instagram has received 10 millions followers and the verification badge. Currently she has 12.2 million followers.

Anjali Arora

A man who is chewing gutka and using  a phone grabbed the audience's attention during India's game against New Zealand in Kanpur. The guy has gained enormous popularity on social media as meme fodder. He has been identified as Shobhit Pandey.

Gutka Guy

The officer who charged Shahrukh Khan's kid in the narcotics case is Sameer Wankhede. The policeman brought many complaints against Aryan Khan and his supporters.

Sameer Wankhede

He even accused the political leader, Nawab Malik, for speaking against him. Sameer Wankhede, however, has seen many transfers after the court found Ayan innocent.

Laxman, a movie enthusiast, has gained popularity for his reviews of films outside of theaters. His talks and rhymes have gained a tonne of traction on social media. Laxman is now being paid by the movie producers to promote their film; see how his life has changed.

Bro, the movie reviewer

Nellore district Shanthi became extremely popular on social media; her Instagram reel, in which she says the dialogue "Bangaram okati cheppana.. Chi Pora," has reached millions of netizens;

Bangaram Oktati Cheppana

her video has been recreated by millions of users; and Shanthi has become an overnight celebrity. She also gave many interviews.

Two local folk singers from Mohan Babu's village were introduced during the "Ginna" pre-release event.

Jambalakidi Jaru Mithai

On social media, their song "Jamba Lakidi Jaru Mithai" has gained popularity, and several users have commended the performers. Meanwhile, some sections of social media have trolled their songs and lyrics.

A kid on instagram tangles the rubber band around his fingers and removes it again with an epilogue ‘Hey Eppura.’ As the video was well liked by the netizens, it went viral in no time.

'Hey Eppura?'

Life-altering for Srishti was a rap song. From the show Hustle 2.0, her Hindi rap song "My Naitho Kaun Be" gained enormous popularity. Her funny quips and ability to rap while speaking have gone viral online.

Srishti Thawde

By appearing in promotional reels with movie stars, Niharika rose to fame. She has teamed up with Vijay Deverakonda, Mahesh Babu, and Adivi Sesh as well as the RRR crew. She enjoys immense following  online.

Niharika NM