Popular Telugu Sankranthi Songs

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In Telugu states, Sankranti is a major event that is observed. It is a joyful occasion with vibrant rangoli, gobbemma, and mouthwatering cuisine specialties.

Numerous Telugu songs capture the essence of this unique festive season. Check out the tracks that are intended to transmit the festival spirit.

It is no exaggeration to say that the song "Mellaga Tellarindoi Ala" in this family drama starring Sharwanand is heart-touching while describing the essence of the festival.

Sathamanam Bhavathi

In the song "Hilo Hailossare" from the same film, the lyrics describe Sankranti celebrations and Rangoli. Mickey Jay Meyer composed this song for Sankranthi celebrations.

"Sandalle Sandalle Sankranti Sandalle" from the Srikaram film tells the heartwarming story of our traditions and family gatherings for the Sankranthi festival.


"Lera Chanti," a song from Ram Pothineni's "Rama Rama Krishna Krishna," is about the Bhogi celebrations with entertaining lyrics and Keeravani's trademark music.

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

"Niddura Chalani Badkamalle Ollirisani Aksama," Samantha’s "A Aa," tells about the festival celebrations in hamlets. The track is composed by Mickey Jay Meyer.

A Aa

The "Lacha Gummadi" song from Superstar Mahesh Babu’s "Murari" tells the story of Sankranti traditions. This song is much loved by the ladies.


The "Sankranthi" song from Balakrishna’s "Ruler" movie narrates the celebration of farmers in the harvest season.


Sankranthi is incomplete without Daggubati Venkatesh’s "Sankranthi" movies. The "Doli Doli" song from this film tells about the prominence of families and human relations.


SPB and Chitra sang the festival song "Maa Palle Repallanta" in King Nagarjuna's "Ramudochadu," which is  a beautiful song about the Sankranti festival.


The song "Sankranti vacchindi tummeda saradalu techindi tummeda" from the film directed by Mutyala Subbaiah and starring Mohan Babu is still one of the most loved Sankranthi songs.

Soggadi Pellam