REVIEW: Did Nayanthara "Connect" with the audience?

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In recent years, Lady Superstar Nayanthara has become the face of lady-oriented movies. The actress achieved great success by making appearances in gripping films including Mayuri, Nizal, Netrikan, and O2.

Nayan once again is back with a horror flick, "Connect," directed by Ashwin Saravanan and produced by Vignesh Sivan. Let’s analyse the film.

A girl who lost her father in an accident longs to meet his spirit. To fulfill her dream, she does some unconventional actions, but they only put her in peril. On the other hand, her mother fights tooth and nail to protect her.


Will the girl cross paths with her dad's soul? How was the mother able to protect her daughter from harm? The rest of the narrative is driven by these questions.

The audience remains glued to their seats throughout this movie. The screenplay turns out to be incredibly intriguing and original because the plot is set during Lockdown.

An interesting horror flick

The online exorcism scenes will definitely give you the shivers, but the movie's ending was underwhelming.

The unsung hero of this movie is Ashwin Saravanan, who did a fantastic job writing, narrating, and putting it all together. Throughout the duration of the film, the storyline never falters, and you will be astounded by the excellent screenplay and direction.

Director’s brilliance

Nayan and Haniya Nafis' impeccable acting is the backbone of this film; Haniya Nafis as a possessed daughter and Nayanthara as her mother gave standout performances. In addition to them, Satya Raj and Anupam Kher also justified their roles.

Nayanthara and Haniya Nafis

"Connect" has a runtime of 90 minutes, and director Ashwin Saravanan opted not to go for an intermission break. "Connect" is the first film to skip the intermission in the Telugu and Tamil industries.

No Interval

The key strengths of this movie are its background music and cinematography. It worked out well since the majority of the movie was shot at night.

Technical Aspects

"Connect" is a decent horror movie with excellent acting that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The broader population will find "Connect" appealing in addition to moviegoers.

A safe bet

Nayan, Haniya Nafis’ Acting BGM, Cinematography Screenplay

Rating 2.75/5

Plus Points

Predictable Plot

Minus Points