Revolutionary Kidney Treatment Breakthrough: Hyderabad Doctor's Miracle Creation Offers an alternative to Dialysis Machine

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The good news was shared by Hyderabad's Dr. KS Naik for patients who require dialysis. He has developed  a new method of treatment that eliminates the need for a dialysis machine.

In Hyderabad's Virinchi Hospitals,  a nephrologist named KS Naik has developed a new technique known as Allo-hemodialysis. This procedure eliminates the need for a dialysis machine.

The newly developed technique, called Allo-hemodialysis, involves using  a human kidney instead of a dialysis machine.

What is Allo-hemodialysis?

This method utilizes a small machine called a dialyzer to transfer the patient's contaminated blood and waste fluids to another person's kidney, which filters and purifies the blood. The purified blood is then returned to the patient.

With this procedure performed once or twice a week, the patient's blood can be effectively cleansed of waste.

According to Dr. KS Naik, positive results were obtained during initial testing on animals. It has been announced that permission will soon be seeking to conduct clinical trials on humans.

Positive results

If this new system is made available, it has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of dialysis on a large scale. The current Hemodialysis (HD) machines in use cost between Rs.12-15 lakhs.

Cost Reduction

This newly developed technique is particularly beneficial for rural areas where dialysis machines may not be available.

Benefit for Rural areas

It can be especially useful for patients with temporary kidney problems caused by conditions such as snake bites and diarrhea. This innovative method can potentially save their lives.