"RRR: Celebrating One Year of Success and Accolades

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The Telugu film RRR has gained international recognition, recently securing an Oscar award. Today, March 25th, marks one year since the film's release.

Over the past year, RRR has accumulated numerous awards and honors. Directed by Rajamouli, the film boasts nearly 60 awards.

In celebration of the film's one-year anniversary, the team released an impressive image showcasing the awards RRR has won.

Among the most prestigious is the Oscar for Best Original Song, awarded to 'Natu Natu.'

'Natu Natu' also claimed the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

Rajamouli received the Best Director accolade from the New York Film Critics Circle.

The Hollywood Critics Association Spotlight Awards recognized RRR for Best Action Film, Best International Film, and Best Stunts.

The Seattle Film Critics Society Award for Best Action Choreography was awarded to RRR.

Critics' Choice Awards honored the film with Best Foreign Language Film and Best Song.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Music went to RRR.

New York Film Critics Online named RRR the Top Film of the Year.

The Houston Film Critics Society Award recognized RRR for Best Foreign Language Feature, Best Original Song, and Best Stunts.

Finally, the film won the Celebrity Film Award for Best Foreign Language Film."