RRR Star Ram Charan Shares Insights on Good Morning America

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Ram Charan created history by being the first Indian actor to appear on the talk show 'Good Morning America 3'. Despite his brief appearance, he shared some interesting insights.

Ram Charan praised the movie 'RRR' for its depiction of friendship, brotherhood, and kinship between two people. He also commended the amazing portrayal of the characters of Ram and Bheem.

Praise for 'RRR'

Ram Charan attributed the success of 'RRR' to director Rajamouli's talent, calling him the Indian Steven Spielberg. He expressed confidence that Rajamouli will be able to make a global range of films in the near future.

Director's Talent

The inclusion of the song 'Natu Natu' in the Oscar race is a great honor. Winning the Golden Globe Award and being nominated for the Academy Awards was a gratifying experience.

Oscar Nominations

The numerous awards received by 'RRR' is not only a victory for the 'RRR' team but also a source of pride for Indian cinema. It symbolizes the greatness of Indian technicians.

Victory for Indian cinema

The success of 'RRR' in India was an achievement in itself, but the film's expansion into western countries has opened up new possibilities. This is just the beginning of Indian cinema on the global stage.

This is Beginning

When the host of the show commented on Ram Charan's swag and the way he sat, he replied that he was trying to be humble, causing huge laughter on the show.

Acting Humble

He said that he and his wife Upasana are expecting their first child. He also revealed that they had not prioritized having children before, but they have now.

Being a Father

Ram Charan appeared on the show to promote the song 'Natu Natu,' which is in contention for an Oscar in the Best Original Song category. The song had already won the 'Golden Globe Award.'

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