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gets emotional while speaking about her


 illness and ‘Yashoda’ movie

After revealing that she has myositis, Samantha appeared before the media for the first time.

To promote her next movie Yashoda, which hits theaters on November 11, she took part in an interview with news anchor Suma.

Sam noted that while "Yashoda" is based on actual events, she was astounded when she first heard the script.

The actor expressed her extreme confidence in the movie's success across all linguistic barriers.

She said that for the action scenes, she didn't utilise any body doubles or dups.

Sam continued by saying that Yashoda's and her own journeys were comparable in that they both started with humble beginnings.

Sam dubs for her movie for the first time. She claimed that because she is from Chennai, she had difficulties when dubbing in Telugu.

Sam became tearful as she discussed her health problems. Despite the fact that her health is being described as life-threatening, she insisted that she will not pass away any time soon by flashing an emotive grin.

Samantha lists 3 reasons to watch ‘Yashoda’ in the theaters.

– The plot centers around actual occurrences in our society. These alarming facts ought to be known to everyone.

– Yashoda is a startling thriller with many unanticipated turns.

– It is a dramatic experience because of all the technological features.