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Why is it named 'Varahi'?

Special features of Pawan Kalyan's campaign vehicle 'Varahi'.

Janasena's Pawan Kalyan performed special poojas to the "Varahi" vehicle at Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Kondagattu, Jagityala District. Pawan Kalyan will start the election campaign in AP on the 'Varahi' vehicle. Read more on the special features of the Varahi vehicle

Varahi Features:

Pawan Kalyan has designed Varahi keeping in mind the experiences he faced in previous campaigns. The current vehicle’Varahi’ is  more secure and equipped with Advanced technical features


Special lighting arrangements have been made in Varahi. During Pawan's speech, lights were arranged around the vehicle to avoid lighting problems.

Modern sound system

A modern sound system was installed so that Pawan Kalyan's fiery speech could be heard clearly by thousands of people.


CCTV cameras are installed around Varahi to watch the surroundings. It's connected to a real-time server so that the events taking place at the meeting place are recorded.

Seating Place

Arrangements were made to sit inside the vehicle along with Pawan Kalyan and two others to discuss.

Hydraulic Technology

Pawan Kalyan can reach to top from the inside of the vehicle through hydraulic machines. The idea is Pawan Kalyan can give a speech from the Top.

Why the name Varahi?

Varahi means one of the seven mothers of Goddess Durga. Goddess 'Varahi' is considered the protector of evil in all directions. Puranas say that Goddess 'Varahi' killed the demon named Rakta Bija. Hence the name Varahi was given to the vehicle.

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